Casual Friday// Gucci: YAY vs NAY

Is it only me, or everywhere you look, there is a Gucci garment. Pumps, mules, loafers, bags... every IT GIRL out there has to have a Gucci item?
BUT, that's not the point. If I could afford myself, I would most definitely get my hands-on a cute bag or a pair of boots, don't get me wrong.

The thing is that Gucci is one fashion store that has so many amazing pieces on one hand, but at the same time, it has some many hideous pieces that I just can't understand (and I really tried, believe  me) how can anyone give that amount of money for something that ugly.

I know, I know, de gustibus non est disputandum and I apologize in advance to all the girls out there who love those hairy little... t h i n g s, BUT... This is the list of the Gucci garments that have MY big YAY or NAY!

Let's be positive and start with (modest :P) few items that I wouldn't mind having in my closet.


These three and I'm covered for all four seasons, right? Of course, I wouldn't mind some other options also, but let's be humble and end the bag selection here.

And now, their majesties - the s h o e s!

I know, I know, you are laughing now, right? Look at them! Aren't they are the cutest ever? Wearing these, you just have to feel like a modern Heidi. And who doesn't love Heidi? I don't know why, but as soon as I saw these, my  heat just skipped a beat. 

Because I can wear them now and when I'll be in my sixties. Beautiful. Period.

Because I (normally) have a thing for ugly(sh) shoes!

Because in my vocabulary, silver is a new black!


I'm done with the babes! Not bad, right? Now, let me present you with the ones that even I (a fan of questionable beauty shoes) consider super, duper ugly.

I don't mind a zebra print. I don't even mind "the tail". However, the shape! What's up with the shape??? They have a shape of an actual zebra head! Not good!

And then, there are those! I won't even leave the links because if you like them, find them by yourself, I won't participate in a crime like that. :P What are those? When can you actually wear them? And why would you ever wear something like that? I remember my face when I saw them for the first time. I thought that they were home slippers. No, they were not! I don't get them and I never will. Sorry!

In the end, we have a pair of clogs. I don't know what to say. If I would really not like my neighbours in an apartment below and if I got those clogs as a present (that I could not return), I would wear them like slippers. At least, they would keep my feet warm.



  1. Prva torba mi "sjedi" u kosarici na checkoutu vec neko vrijeme a slicnu jednu vec imam, tako da sam totalno luda za Guccijem. :D Sve cipele koje si izabrala za "YAY" su i meni savrsene dok ove druge, uzas teski, bas kako si napisala, crime. :D

  2. Uf hvala bogu da su i tebi grozni ovi dlakavi užasi koji se nazivaju cipelama, a pritom koštaju kao suho zlato, već sam pomislila da ću biti jedni hetjer na ovom postu haha :) Prva torbica mi je super, Heidi cipelice su mali grešni užitak, a srebne mokasine su savršene (iako bi ja ubila za smaragdnu varijantu). Onaj zebrasti užas sa repićem uopće ne mogu komentirati...ne znam odakle bi krenula :)))

  3. so want those first two bags
    keep in touch

  4. Bas tako, Gucci koliko ima lepih, toliko ima i ružnih komada, poput dlakavih papuča :-) Ali, torbe npr su super i cipele poput ovih srebrnih ili zebrastih :-)

  5. Joj, kako si me nasmejala, a baš sam nešto ustala na levu nogu :D Majko mila, ne znam koja forma zgražavanja bi najbolje dočarala moje mišljenje o tim dlakavcima haha! Pa mislim da nije moguće stvoriti ružniju cipelu :D :D Moram da priznam ni da ove koje su tebi yay nisu po mom ukusu, ali su daaaaleko prihvatljivija opcija od ovih drugih. Ja se držim torbica i s njima bih i zgrešila možda ;)
    Ulepšala si mi dan :D <3

  6. pa barem bi nam nogama bilo toplo...ali opet otvorene noge i krzno, gdje je tu logika?:)


Thank you for all your comments! They always make me smile! <3

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