Outfit// Oversized meets animal

Coat and faux leather trousers (SIMILAR): H&M/ Boots and dress (HERE): Zara/ Belt: Pimkie (very old)

"Why are you wearing your maternity coat?" - asked the Hubby.
"It's not a maternity coat. It's just oversized so I was able to wear it even during pregnancy. It's my regular size." - she replied.
"It looked better on you when you were pregnant... now... it looks like a huge Grandpa's coat that you've found in..."
"I dooooon't care! I love it! It's perfect..." - she won't let him finish.
"Oh... It's not like the coat is enough, we are having those lovely boots on the menu as well..." - someone is being a bit sarcastic.
"Yes we are. Don't forget to take the camera, darling." :P
"I won't. Believe me, I won't!" - he replied with a grin.


Outfit// Cat in the hat

Sweater and Vest: H&M/ Dress: Zara/ Sneakers and Hat: Mango

Long time, no blog! :) Thank you all for your nice comments, you were all so nice. I'm happy to tell you that  both my boys are doing fine now and we are all back in our usual mood.

When it comes to my look, I'm wearing casual and fun combo... A perfect way to "spice up" your regular skinny jeans + sweater combo is to add a vest or a dress or a hat or EVERYTHING mentioned! :)

I wish you a lovely weekend, peeps! Kisses


Outfit// LFW wannabe

Blazer and shirt: H&M/ Skirt: Zara (/ Shoes: Deichmann

I'm still not sleeping... the situation is not getting any better... well, I will survive... I'm not the only one with two kids who (now) got sick at the same time... :/

Yes, about the look! The title! :) Well, every time I'm wearing this blazer, I feel soooo British. It just has that British countryside vibe that I love so much. So, if I was to go to London Fashion Week, this is something I would feel the most comfortable in. :D

Peace and take care! :) Sleep... if you can! :P Kisses


Outfit// Touch of glitter

Turtelneck sweater (HERE) and biker jacket (SIMILAR): Mango/ Jeans (very SIMILAR) and boots (HERE): Zara/ Vest: H&M

Even my Mr. said that these are the most beautiful boots that I own. :) They are such a statement piece and I truly feel awesome every time I'm wearing them. 

I'm sorry for a lack of words recently, but I'm feeling very exhausted last couple of weeks. My younger son is not sleeping properly during the night so I'm keeping him company. ;) Hopefully, we'll both get some rest soon.

Enjoy your Sunday, peeps! Love you all! Kisses


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