Outfit// White on White

Culottes and Sandals: Zara/ Shirt and Vest: H&M/ Shades: Ray Ban/ Necklace: c/o  Happiness Boutique

I think it's quite obvious who's the star of this outfit? This necklace is just amazing, right? When lovely girl from Happiness Boutique contacted me for collaboration, I was more than happy to choose one of the amazing necklaces they offer on their shop. My biggest "problem" was to decide which one to choose. In the end, I kept getting back to this one... As I visited their Instagram page, I realized that many bloggers chose the exactly the same one, but most of them created a boho/gypsy style outfits which is completely understandable since the necklace really has that kind of "vibe". Still, I wanted to create a completely different and unique look, but still around that amazing piece of jewelry.

If you like my necklace, you can find it HERE (now on SALE)! Also, Happiness Boutique offers a free shipping  and has a very interesting and unique customer reward program. I know I will most definitely join in! :)

So, what do you think? What I personally love about this outfit is the fact that even though everything is big and oversized (the way I like) it is still very feminine. Even my Mr. didn't have any funny remarks as he usually does... and he loved the necklace. ;)



Outfit// Supercasual

Overall: H&M/ Tee: Esmara/ Sneakers: Nike Free 5.0

I had a nervous breakdown that day (heat + children) + a very bad hair day but the man behind the camera said: "Every time you're wearing something "normal"/something even I like, we don't take pictures." Whatever! I didn't have the strength to argue. 
Still, because of my "lovely" mood (jumping around without any sense at all), we were done for a second. :P
Enjoy your weekend, peeps! Kisses


Outfit// Animal

Trousers and Shoes: Zara/ Vest: Reserved/ Tee: New Yorker/ Necklace: H&M/Watch: Casio

I don't know about you, but here in Croatia, we are melting big time! It's so hot... I can barely breathe :/ Hopefully, there will be some rain soon... 

When in doubt... wear animal print! :) Yet again, I'm wearing my favorite trousers that you've seen a million times here on the blog... Every season, I think I like them more and more! :) And THE SHOES! Big new <3! It's all about love in this post! :D

I'm also very happy because on Sunday, a very dear friend of mine is coming from Italy to stay with us for a couple of days. We know each other since we were kids and we always try to see each other at least once a year. The best part is that his Dad and my Mum had the same "tradition" all their life too. Unfortunately, his Dad has passed away some time ago, but I think that he's very happy to see that his son and little old me continue our friendship as well as he did with my Mum.
Have a lovely week friends! Kisses



Outfit// Plane Jane

Jeans and Heels: Zara/ Tee: no brand/ Shades: Ray Ban Aviators

Can it be more simple? No, I don't think so! :) Skinny jeans, oversized (men's) tee and heels---just what I needed to feel good on that particular day! Happy Friday, guys! Take care and enjoy your weekend! Kisses


Outfit// Boho Vibes

Jeans and Shirt: Zara/ Shades: Ray Ban / Gladiator sandals: Mango/ Bracelet: Blood-Sugar-Drops by Mi Alma

What a week! :) All of you were leaving me lovely comments to have fun at my parents' house and to rest a bit--- thank you so much--- but THE REST was just not an option. My (almost) three year old son is entering an early puberty :D and has decided to play with my nerves more than ever (and I'm really a patient person)! For EVERYthing I've asked him to do or not to do, the answer was NO/ I WON'T/ I DON'T WANT TO... you get the point! I'm almost certain that I saw a smile on my mom's face while we were leaving! ;) 
Then the younger one... he's three months old and still considered a newborn, right? Shouldn't he be sleeping at least a couple of hours during the day? I'm not asking for five or six hours, but at least ONE! Noooooo! Ten or twenty minutes (tops) in his stroller is all he needs...
Conclusion: no rest for this mommy! But hey, they are healthy and happy and that's the biggest blessing for every mom out there! <3

Regarding my outfit... boy, I love these jeans. They are that one piece of clothing that makes you feel good in your skin. This time I paired them with this lovely shirt that I got on sale a few weeks ago. What do you think? Have a great week, peeps and thank you so much for stopping by. Kisses


Recap// Stripes

Hi guys! Long time, no see. :) This is the case... I'm currently at my parents house and haven't got my laptop and (believe it or not) internet connection. So, I won't be able to publish a new outfit post until next week.
Until then, I'm leaving you with a short recap of my recent outfits that included stripes (and I'm publishing this one over my phone :p).
Any favorites? Kisses

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