Outfit// Personal Touch

Skirt: Choies/ Shirt and Sandals: H&M/ Necklace: Via Šaptač Cipelama/ Rings: Primark (a gift from my dear Tijana)

On Saturday we baptise our younger son. His godmother made him the most amazing silk suit with petite bow tie...  you can't even imagine how cute he was! I will show you the details in  my next (more personal) post...  It was a lovely day, but all week was pretty hectic so I wasn't able to blog and visit your blogs properly. 
Today I'll show you what I was wearing. In church I had a white blazer over the shirt, but I forgot to take the picture wearing it. :/
I wish you a lovely week and thank you all for visiting! Kisses


Outfit// Casual Stripes

Blazer: Esmara/ Jeans: Mango/ Tee: New Yorker (men)/ Sandals: H&M/ Bag:Abercrombie&Fitch/ Necklace: eBay/ Glasses: Dresslink

Thank you all for your kind and supporting words on my last outfit post. It's so nice to hear that you're not alone and that there are some people who share your opinion.
Regarding this look... what can I say that I already haven't! :) Like I said... a monster... when it comes to stripes this year! :P Kisses


Outfit// Tropicana

Shirt and Trousers: Zara/ Sandals: New Yorker/ Bag: Review/ Shades: Ray Ban

There are many things that I would like to change in my country, but I'm not going to discuss about that right now. Still, there is really one (the most trivial) thing I can't stand --- people staring at you when you're not dressed the way they expect you to be.
When I go out with both of my kids, I don't wear heels because I can't run and play properly with my older son. (Even then, you will not see me wearing a tracksuit because I truly don't like them. I can't help myself and I know that they can be nice and trendy and comfy but NO. I will rather go for a pair of bf jeans or tights or something like that. Still, I have NOTHING  against people wearing WHATEVER they like... even a tracksuit.:)
When I go out only with my younger son who is still in a baby carriage, sometimes I do put on a pair of comfy heels (even if I get tired I have a baby carriage to hold on to ;). Still, when I do wear heels (and you know me, it's not like I'm wearing a 12 cm stilettos with 6 cm platform) and go around with baby carriage I always get those strange looks and I just don't get WHY? Why do people care? 
I know that things like that shouldn't bother me, but still... from time to time you get frustrated. :/
Anyhow, I hope you'll like one of my outfits I was wearing on the day when I 've chosen to wear heels for a baby walk! :)


Outfit// Hallo Sailor

So, I think I'm officially becoming a "marine look" monster! :P I just keep on wearing stripes, red and navy all over again and again... Believe it or not, I still have like maybe two or three combos that are going in that same direction. Crazy, right? :) I will have to do a (not so) little recap very soon! :)
This skirt had a matching top but I didn't like it so much so I went for this one at the same shop. I'm really into these off the shoulder tops and shirts lately... they are lovely for summer and have that sexy, but not too much, sexy vibe that I like.
Also, thank you all so much for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments, they truly mean a lot to me. Have a lovely weekend guys and see you soon! Kisses

Skirt and Top: Pull&Bear/ Shoes: 5th Avenue by Deichmann/ Bag: via Šaptač cipelama



Outfit// Fisherman

 Culottes: Zara/ Shirt: H&M MAN/ Sandals: Mango / Watch: Casio

Well, you know me. I love a good pair of heels and classy dress but not as much as I love oversized... well, pretty much everything (coats, shirts, tees, jeans)! :)
So, an outfit like this is something I could easily classify as my summer uniform. I'm loving this super comfy and versatile denim culottes and I have a ton of outfits in my head with them being a leading garment. Culottes are a great piece, you only have to find your perfect shape, color and material. When you do find them, believe me, you will instantly feel in love with them.
You just might ask yourselves why I untitled this post the way I did... Well, those who are familiar with my hubby's taste (vs. mine), could already imagine his reaction on this combination. He just couldn't decide... fisherman or a farmer! In the end he decided in favour of the first one. I couldn't care less! :) Kisses


Outfit// Spring in Leather

Faux leather trousers and Shirt: ZARA/ Sandalas: H&M/ Belt: Diesel

It was still quite cold when we took pictures of this outfit. Not many people like oversized leather pants (of course, my darling hubby is one of those ;) but I just love my pair.
I'm sorry but my brain is not functioning very well this morning (lack of sleep because of my little man) so I'll be leaving you with only few lines this time.
Have a lovely rest of the week! Kisses
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