Outfit// Touch of blue

Skirt: c/o Dresslink/ Glasses: c/o Dresslink/ Shoes: Deichmann/ Vest: H&M/ Necklace: local shop

I don't know what's "wrong" with me this month... I'm all into these "lady like" combos! :) I need a touch of oversized and boyish asap! Next post, I promse! :)
This time I'm wearing a skirt and glasses from online store Dresslink. Truth to be told, I didn't expect much but, I have to say that I was very, very pleased and surprised with the quality of the items. I love the color and shape of this skater skirt and it will be a great item to wear even during the colder days with (oversized :) sweater and coat. When it comes to quality of the glasses, they are in the range of Mango or Zara (very solid) and I really like them. So, if you're on a budget, I would highly recommend this store.
I'll be happy to hear what you think about my outfit and I wish you a great Sunday! Kisses


Outfit// Silver Baby

New hair, new shoes... what else a girl could need! :) After two classy outfits, I'm back to (mine) basics... But, let's talk about my hair. :) I love it so much! It has that Alexa Chung vibes (I'm trying to make it as messy as I can :P) and who doesn't love anything that has to do with Alexa? What do you think about it?
Enjoy your week, my darlings! Kisses and thank you all so much for stopping by!

Jeans, Shoes and Jacket: Zara/ Shirt: Caliope / Shades: Emmanelle Khanh/ Rings: Dresslink



Outfit// It feels like summer

Dress worn as a skirt: Lindex/ Top: Esmara/ Belt: Accessorize/ Shoes: Deichmann/ Bracelet: H&M/ Shades: Ray Ban

I love red as much as I love stripes and navy so this is something I would call a "perfect summer uniform". This is also my last post with long hair! :) Those who follow me on Instagram (@5foot7andbambieyes) already know that my hair is much shorter now and I'm loving it! Have a lovely week my dear friends! Kisses


Outfit// Little Mrs Sunshine

So, finally, after some tomboy/badass/casual combos I'll present you two diverse looks. It was a nice change for me to wear something "dressy" and feel a bit more like a "lady". :) Also, I think it's getting too hot for boots and leather so I just might leave them a side for some time! :) Happy Friday, guys! Kisses

Jacket: Mango/ Tee and Trousers: H&M/ Shades: Ray Ban/ Shoes: Guliver


Outfit// Badass

I've bought these jeans on winter sales when I was still very much pregnant. As soon as I got back from the hospital I tried them on but because of the high waist... well, we had a bit of a situation. :) I'm so happy to be able to wear them now, and I think they will easily become one of my favorite ones. I just love their shape (not skinny or baggy just loose) and I'll be wearing them a lot.
This time, I've created kinda "badass" look. You know how much I love this type of outfits... a good pair of black jeans, oversized shirt, simple boots, leather jacket and a shade of vine red on your lips... just can't ask for more! :) Happy Monday guys and have a lovely week! Kisses

Shirt: H&M MEN/ Jeans and Jacket: Mango/ Boots: Zara/ Bracelet: Swatch/ Necklaces: eBay/ Shades: Ray Ban Aviator


Outfit// Yellow love story

Trousers: H&M/ Shoes and Shirt: Zara/ Leather jacket: Mango

I really have a "special connection" with these trousers that you've seen several times here on blog. I love that bright yellow color and the way they fit my body... One of those items you just enjoy wearing. This time, I'm wearing them with this elegant shirt and my new favorite leather jacket. I must say that I really felt awesome in this combo. I hope you like it as much as I do... Kisses! :)


Wishlist// Hot summer days & nights

Summer is closer than ever and if it's going to be as sunny and warm like spring these days, well... I'm still not quite sure if I'll be happy or not! :P
When it comes to summer, my thoughts always go to the beach and elegant evening outfits. So, I was very happy when lovely people from Dresslink contacted me to take a look at their web page and maybe find something I like. Bellow you can find some items I like and could easily imagine wearing. I love those midi skirts... I'm such a sucker for them and will most definitely order one. When it comes to beach items, I love white dresses because they always remind me of sea and beach... If you click the links, you will also see that the prices are very affordable so if you're looking for something trendy and nice, check out the Dresslink.


What pieces are going to be yours key pieces for hot summer days&nighs? I'll be happy to hear what you think?
Big kiss to you all... and yes, there is a new outfit post coming tomorrow! :)


Outfit// Beautiful crazy life

Believe it or not, these photos were taken in less than a minute. How? Even I don't know how we managed that but it's true. Why? Well, when you have (almost) three year old screaming - "Mummy I want't ice-tea, I want ice-tea, I want ice-tea (he has that --- just a bit --- annoying habit of repeating things constantly until he gets what he wants), I want ice-tea"... and, a month year old in baby carriage that just woke up and screams because he's hungry and then a husband who needs his "peace and quiet" while "working" on your blog pics, there is really no way you can stay cool and pose! Or you can? All you need to do is to start screaming! To the hubby: "You have less than a minute to take the pic or two and then run for the ice-tea and I'll take care of the newborn in the car. GO!" To the screaming "ice-tea monster": "Daddy will buy you an ice-tea. You will not get it sooner if you keep repeating it for a hundred times!" (Still, maybe I should try this method any time soon- I want Isabel Marant boots, I want Isabel Marant boots, I want Isabel Marant boots :D)!
These pictures are the result. Not the best but, considering the circumstances... amazing!

Trousers, Blazer and Shirt:H&M/ Booties: Stradivarius/ Shades: Ray Ban/ Watch: Casio

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