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Believe it or not, we are in the middle of moving into a new place! Yes, unfortunately, we have to leave the apartment we are currently in and this is the most definitely what I call a "bad timing" considering my pregnancy and all. We found a nice new place that has a lot of potential but as you all know, I don't have much time ... Hopefully, the little guy will wait until his due date! Wish me luck! :)
In this post, I'm leaving you with a little recap of my maternity outfits as well as my personal tips and tricks to look and feel your best during pregnancy ... Hopefully one day, you'll find them useful! :P  Kisses!

Tip 1/ At the beginning of the pregnancy, when you still have that small belly (that you usually only have after a good meal or two or three beers), oversized shirts and boyfriend jeans are your best allies, believe me!
Tip 2/ So, you wake up one day and realize that from now on you'll have (at first) small but constant companion that will follow you around, it's time to go shopping unless you're like me and already have two or three  straight cut dresses in your closet!
Tip 3/ Midi skirts were big trend past season so you must have at least one in your closet. But, the problem is that it doesn't fit your Scarlett O'Hara tighny waist? No problem, nobody will mind if you change your waist line a bit higher... Also, you can leave it a bit unbuttoned at the behind just don't forget to wear it with something floppy and oversized that will cover your dirty, little secret!
Tip 4/ Yet again - oversized! This time in a form of a leather trousers. Most of them are made with elasticated waist so you can wear them bellow you bump. Not only super comfy but also - super stylish!
Tip 5/ Regularly, I weight around 50 kg and my hubby is around 86 kg. It's quite obvious that I can't "borrow" n.o.t.h.i.n.g. from his wardrobe as much as I would love to (from time to time)! BUT, during the pregnancy, I literally lived in his shirts. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose.
Tip 6/ Pencil skirts - my way of looking sexy and classy during the period when most women don't feel that way! ;)
Tip 7/ This is not a maternity dress even though it might look that way. If you want a dress cut bellow the bust line, go and buy yourself that kind of a dress in a regular shop. The same type of dress will cost two times more in a maternity shop just because it has that maternity sign. :P
Tip 8/ I alreaday advised you to avoid colours that are too bright. Still, that doesn't mean that you have to wear black, brown and grey all the time. As you can see, even bright red can look very good and classy over your bump. Still, be careful with the rest of the outfit.
Tip 9/ If you want to attract attention from your bump - textures can play a very important role. Pleated skirt, floopy sweater (intentionally) and tartan scarf falling everywhere... at the first sight, who would say that I'm six months pregnant! :)?
Tip 10/ Don't you dare to invest a pile of money in a "maternity" coat or jacket that will not look good after your bump is no longer there! Invest in a good oversized coat! It will keep you warm and even though it will get less and less oversized with time, it will still look very good with every combo. Bonus - you will be able to wear it the next season in all its glory! ;)
Tip 11/ When you get really big (last two months), I would recommend to forget about anything baggy for your lower part of a body. Leave oversized for your upper part but even there, find a good balance between "a little bit bigger shirt" and "a shirt that makes you look like a baby elephant"! :) When you're at home, just stay in your xxxl pajamas all day!
Tip 12/ Even though I gained around 11 kg for now, my legs are still quite slim. However, I'm not a fan of a pregnant woman (and I'm talking especially during the last trimester) wearing mini skirts. If you share my opinion (and you most definitely don't have to) and still would like to wear a shorter dress, my advice is to wear it with another one (longer  one) underneath. It can look pretty original and it's quite warm.

General advices:
* Don't buy much maternity clothes because most of them you'll not be able to wear afterwards. Rely on the things you already have in your closet just wear them in another way. Be creative and don't be afraid to mix and match.
* Still, if you're not "only dresses and skirts" kind of girl, invest only in a pair of maternity jeans. If you ask me, they are the only item that you'll have to search for into maternity section of the shop. Everything else that you might need, you'll be able to find in the regular shop only in a bigger size.
*Speaking of sizing ... if you don't gain like 20-30 kg (or only 5-6 kg) but average 10-15 kg ... sizing goes like this:
First trimester: buy your regular size
Second trimester: one size up
Third trimester: two sizes up
*Try to avoid clothes with two many patterns all over. If you have a colorful top, don't play too much with your lower part but choose something neutral or vice versa. Use accessories to make you outfit more fun and colorful.

Cheers! :)



35 weeks

Very casual and comfy outfit featuring my new sunglasses (that I Love (yes, with a capital L) so much) and a bag, a lovely gift from my significant other! :) BTW, I'm 35 weeks pregnant and this outfit just might be the last one in maternity section ... (I just don't fit into anything anymore) ... Just maybe ... :)
Happy Friday, you beautiful people! :)

Jeans: H&M MAMA/ Shirt, Beanie, Coat: H&M/ Sweater: C&A/ Bag: Mango/ Sneakers: Adidas NEO/ Shades: Ray-Ban


Dress over dress

So, this time, I'm wearing a dress from this post together with the Zara dress that was on my wishlist in this post. I love the result and couldn't imagine anything else on my feet but the white sneakers that I truly, deeply, madly- adore. Enjoy your weekend my dear friends (with or without your Valentine :P)! Chocolate and icecream are always a good alternative! :)

Jacket, Bag and Dress No.1:Zara/ Dress No.2: Mohito/ Sneakers: Mango



Firstly, I would like to thank you all so very much for your most wonderful comments on my last post. I really had that strange "episode" and I honestly felt so much better reading your honest and darling words. Thank you, thank you, thank you ... I belive that each and every one of us has those "bad days" when we just don't see things in a clear way and I'm so grateful for having all of you as my little "support group" ...
Anyhow, regarding this outfit ... well, it just felt like "me" in every sense as I really enjoyed wearing it. I'm loving my new oversized (you know how crazy I am about everything oversized) shirt that was on my wishlist. I really didn't think that will fit me now and bought my regular size without even trying it on for post pregnancy period BUT it did ... so yes, it's pretty "oversized" ... :) Hope you like this look as much as I do ... Wishing you all a lovely Sunday! ;)

Shirt, Scarf, Hat: H&M/ Jeans: H&M MAMA/ Jacket, Boots: Zara


33 weeks

I'm not gonna lie and say that I love how the pictures turned out.
I have nothing against the outfit (still, it would look better with navy tights that I wanted to wear but my butt had a different point of view  and did not wanted to cooperate and enter inside of them :P). Just something very comfy and casual ... nothing special and super creative but considering the circumstances ... The "problem" was "little old me" not being satisfied very much with my body. Watching all those celebrity hot and sexy future moms, I just felt ... well, not beautiful enough and decided not to publish this or any other maternity outfit.
And then, just when I was admiring Miroslava Duma's maternity outfits, it just hit me! Are you crazy? Are you ... what, 19? What's wrong with you? I'm always the first one bitching about the wrong values that we are being fed up with through the media and society and now I've become the one searching my inspiration in Duma's FW shots and complaining that I'm not thin or beautiful enough ... Please!
Thank you for asking but I'm fine now. I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant, I have a big (but lovely) bump and butt and what is the most important, my baby is doing great. Nothing else matters. Nothing! And I'm proudly going to hit that PUBLISH button and go straight to the kitchen and eat that super chocolate cake just like I did yesterday because I love it and feel like doing so!
Have a lovely Sunday guys! :)

Dress, Shirt, Cape: H&M/ Boots: Mally Italy/ Bag:Miss Selfridge

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