Ok, I'm still not giving up even though I'm very close ... still, I keep trying to be creative with things I have in my closet and look even a bit stylish ... but gosh ... Did I mention it's hard? :P I have a big bump (probably another one with over four kilos, what can I say :P)  and despite that, I've decided not to take my own advice (here) and add a bit of wild pattern and color to my outfit. :) Generally, I'm not a fan of fringes, but when I saw this leather booties few years ago on sale for a really funny price I just decided to give it a try. And there is also a scarf (worn as poncho) with even more of those ... just enough to being referred to as "Pocahontas" (let's just guess who gave me that nickname: a) hubby b) my Mr. c) the one).
Anyhow, I'll be happy to hear what you think about this one! Until my next challenge or a post title "I give up" ...

Cape, Scarf worn as poncho, Belt: H&M/ Shirt: H&M Men / Jeans: H&M MAMA/ Bag: via Šaptač cipelama/ Boots: Stradivarius



A Mighty Power of a Good Outerwear

Women (and especially bloggers) are in general not a fan of winter. The reasons are quite obvious but still, I always find it to be a quite challenging season because, it's not easy to be a "fashion baby" when you are facing serious cold (and I just hope that most of you are not a fan of bare legs and sandals in combination with fur coat) ... Still, I think there is one very simple "rule" (if we can even talk about rules when it comes to fashion ... never been a fan of that term) that can be applied during the winter period - get yourself an awesome pair of boots and a great coat/jacket and a bag and you're good to go! With those three great looking items (for the "brave" ones I recommend a good hat/beanie also), who will care about anything else you're wearing underneath! Well, maybe only that significant other ... but that's not a topic for this article! ;)

Boots and Bag: Zara/ Jeans: H&M MAMA/ Coat and Scarf: H&M



Winter Sun

It's quite obvious that I'm getting pretty big nowadays ... It's just the same like it was with my first boy and I'm not certain for how long I will be able to publish outfits that are "show-able" to public :). There's a funny story behind this skirt which is really one of very few items I bought for my pregnancy ... I was with my Mr. at C&A and I was just thrilled to find a knitted pencil skirt in black for really funny price, BUT there wasn't one in my size. When I say, "my size" I think of XS or at least S, and I was like: "Everytime I find something nice and cheep I can't get it because there isn't my number ... why, why ... and I need a comfy and warm skirt like that ..." My Mr. was just looking at me. "Ivana, but there is a skirt left in size L." And he gave me the skirt. "But I don't wear L!!!" And he just smiled and pointed out ... "Hun, I think that in this phase, L will do just fine!" And then it struck me! You are seven months pregnant and you have like nine more kilos than usual you dumb ass! :P The skirt fitted me just fine ...

Faux fur coat: no brand/ Boots, Sweater: Zara/ Skirt: C&A/ Bag: Persunmall


Winter in all its glory

I love winter and I love snow and I was among the rare ones that were happy when Mr. Snow and below zero temperatures arrived in my town. I was really so sick (literally and figurative) of that warm weather that just isn't normal nor healthy for this time of year ... I have nothing against sun during the winter, but please, give me some cold ... And I got it! I'm not certain how long it will last, but let's just enjoy the moment! :)
I hope you've entered 2015. surrounded by the people you love and care for ... all in all that is the most important thing! I would also like to thank to all of you great people who are following me on this little journey and I just wanted to let you know that I'm so grateful for your every comment or line. Thank you and take care! :) Cheers 2015.!

 Coat: H&M/ Skirt: Mana/ Hat: Mango/ Poncho worn as a scarf: no brand/ Sweater: C&A/ Boots: Zara
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