Outfit// Painted it Red

Hat: H&M/ Boots: Zara/ Jeans: Esprit/ Coat: no brand

And I can’t do this by myself
All of these problems, they’re all in your head
And I can’t be somebody else
You took something perfect
And painted it red...


Outfit// Girly

Jacket (on SALE here) and bag: Mango/ Shirt and dress (worn as a skirt): H&M/ Sweater and boots (here): Zara/ Vest: Reserved

We haven't seen each other for a while and I hope you missed me :)! Everything went great with my surgery and in a month or so, I'll hopefully be as I was before. Thank you all for your kind and supporting words on IG (@5foot7andbambieyes).

So, tell me, how are you dealing with this spring in winter? :) I'm not very happy about it because it's an obvious sign that the things are not going in a right direction (global warming :/) but hey, at least we can enjoy out time outside.

When it comes to my look... you see, even I can look girly when I want to! :P What do say, yay or nay? Enjoy your Sunday and see you soon! Kisses


Outfit// Poncho Love

Dress worn as a skirt: Lindex/  Sweater, Belt and Shoes (HERE): Zara



Outfit// #Bloggers do it better

Coat: Zara (HERE)/ Shirt and Scarf (SIMILAR): H&M/ Sweater and Bag: Mango/ Jeans: New Yorker (SIMILAR)/ Sneakers: Nike Air Force 1(HERE)/ Shades: Ray Ban

#Bloggers do it better... well, not necessarily the truth, but I loved this sweatshirt as soon as I saw it. Still, already having too many sweaters in my closet, I got something else (better something than nothing). Still, during the sales period our paths cross again and  I bought it under 10 euros.
After one (too much) body flattering outfit, I'm back with my usual "oversized" version of me. :) Hope you'll like it. Kisses :)


Recap// November

I'm sorry for my absence last week... to make long story short, I'll be going on a small surgery in December (nothing serious, don't worry) so I needed to do some necessary check ups before the procedure. I'll try to make it up to you this week and publish some outfits that we shot along the way.

But hey, let's talk fashion... tell me your favorite November look? Kisses and have a lovely and blessed week! Christmas is just around the corner... yay! :)


Outfit// Print mix

Jeans (SIMILAR) and Shoes (HERE): ZARA/ Shirt: H&M (SIMILAR)/ Jacket: Mango (loving THIS one)

When HE (we all know who) saw my new Zara beauties, he was like: "Now this is really over the top... this is just too much... that platform... they are hideous... I just don't know what to say anymore!" :)
Now, this is the thing. Every time I see a shoe like this one, with a  high platform, I just can't help myself but think about those Stella McCartney babies (THESE or THESE) that I love and will love a l w a y s! :) How can I resist a lovely pair of shoes that remind me of my love? No, I cannot! I'm certain that you are with me! :)
Until next time, love you all! Kisses


Outfit// '90s

Hat: H&M/ Jeans and Jacket: Mango/ Turtleneck: Esmara/ Belt: Diesel/ Shoes: Zara

When it comes to high waisted jeans, I think they look the best with something tucked in them so you can actually get your waist accented. I did that with a slim fit cotton turtleneck. Everything else just came naturally. Because of the jeans and the belt, I did look a bit like I came out from the '90s, but I really liked it.
My hubby (of course) had to make a remark that I look like Michael Jackson. :P
Have a lovely week guys! Kisses



Outfit// Autumn colors

Skirt and Boots: Zara/ Turtleneck (HERE) and Necklace (worn as a bracelet): Mango/ Vest: Reserved/ Belt: Pimkie (super old)/ Bag: via Šaptač Cipelama

Another look featuring some of my favorite items this season: simple turtleneck sweater, black vest and that very special faux leather skirt that you'll be seeing a lot on this blog (also worn here). Just to make it more fun, I added a touch of animal print and tiny bit of red. Hope you like it?
Have a blessed Sunday! Kisses
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