The First Lady

I have to tell you... I'm truly in love with this dress. It was still winter... ok, maybe spring, these days you really can't say anymore, when I saw it in the shopwindow on my way to a meeting. It was love at first sight and I just couldn't rest until I went back to the shop and got it. The material is so beautiful... you know... that high quality firm cotton you just can't find nowhere anymore. Of course, when I showed it to my significant half, his reaction was: "Oh, yet another tent wing!" Still, the other day, when these pics were taken, he did say I look nice. :) I remind myself of the First Lady in this dress. Well, if I was the Fist Lady (not that I would ever like to be one), I would be wearing dresses like these all the time and wouldn't mind. I would only miss distressed/boyfriend jeans though... :)
I'll be happy to hear what you think about this dress and do you like it as much as I do!? Kisses and thank you all for visiting.

Dress: Lindex/ Shoes:Guliver/ Belt: eBay/ Bracelet: flea make/ Glasses: Emmanuelle Khanh


By the lake

A very simple look that I wasn't sure for even publishing but in the and I decided to do so because I just like the green color of the lake behind me. I don't know what's up with me lately. I just don't like anything that has to do with... well - with me! :P I mixed leo print and flowers as you can see... well, at least I like that! So, enjoy in the beauty of the lake! :) Have a lovely weekend guys! Kisses

Jacket, Shirt: Mango/ Skirt: H&M/ Flats: Zara



Summer in the city

It was the most amazing day and the most amazing place where we took these pictures. Actually, it's place I passed by a thousand times by car but never stopped. It's funny how you somehow unintentionally "neglect" some lovely places in your hometown. That day, we did stop and I couldn't believe that people (both grown ups and children) were actually taking a swim at the fountains...  you know, wearing swimsuits and everything... Ok, it was a hot day but still... ok, they were fun to watch and I didn't had jitters (like I usually do) while taking pictures! :) I wore a simple flowers/bright colors combo (perfect for summer if you ask me),  with my favourite slip ons. I'll be happy to hear what you think about this look guys. Kisses

Shirt: Zara/ Skirt, Sneakers: H&M


Not into taking pictures

One of those days when you just don't care... and you really aren't into taking pictures... BUT, he insisted. Believe it or not, I didn't get "the nickname" for this one. No, he actually liked it. I didn't so much... well, he insisted... as I said... :)
Wishing you the most amazing weekend guys! Kisses

Skirt: Mango/ Shirt: Zara/ Shoes: New Yorker/ Glasses: Emmanuelle Khanh




Trakošćan is the castle located in the far north of the Zagorje (Croatian Highlands region), surrounded by a landscape of exceptional beauty. When we talk about the name "Trakošćan", this is how the story goes... It is thought that in the distant past the castle on the rocky peak of the hill looked amazingly like a dragon, and the name was formed from drako (draco-latin), and stayn (German-stein or stone).

The owners changed often in the first centuries of Trakošćan's existence, but afterwards for almost 400 years it was the property of the Croatian aristocratic Drašković family. The Trakošćan complex is currently owned by the Republic of Croatia, and is administered and managed by the museum institution Trakošćan Castle.

In the past, Trakošćan was a small fortress built at the end of the 13th century in response to fortification needs for control of the border and important routes in this region. It lost significance after the end of the Turkish Wars, and it was saved from complete ruin by its owners in the 19th century when was renovated in the Romantic style and turned into a residence.

Today, Trakošćan is a cultural estate, a protected historical site consisting of the castle, the buildings below the castle, the gardens, and the forested park with a lake. The castle is one of the rare historical structures in Croatia with preserved original material that is historically closely related to the architectual context and the loves of its owners.

Today it contains a museum with valuable collections of the paintings, furniture, weapons and the other objects that are permanently exhibited in the original rooms and present a view of aristocratic life through the history of Trakošćan and the Drašković family.

Even though Trakošćan is definitely the  most "popular" castle in Croatia (and there are more than 50 in general), (unfortunately) it is not crowded by the turists like the ones abroad (Austria, Germany, France...). Here in Croatia, people (and the Government) are still only mainly focused on our coast and not much money, time or effort in general is focused on the continental part of Croatia and its beauties. So, if you decide to visit Trakošćan, you'll be very pleased to know that you can really enjoy in peace and quiet of the castle and its lovely surroundings. Also, the prices are more than affordable (around 5 Euros for entering the castle) and the food in the nearby restaurant is really delicious. When we speak about the restaurant (and there is only one :/), the prices are a bit higher but still not like the ones on the coast, but there are other "problems"... very kind waitress doesn't speak English so if you would like something extra to be done with your meal, well... you won't get it (if there isn't someone who will give you a hand... like we did to the lovely Portuguese couple). Also, there are not many dishes offered but the ones they have on the menu are really delicious. If you are a vegeterian, I'm sorry to inform you but it is more likely that you'll be leaving hungry (there is some fish and pasta on the menu but not much). :)

I haven't visited Trakošćan since my primary school so despite the awful weather (it was constantly raining), we had the most amazing time. Regarding my outfit, I wanted to wear a very special dress that would look great on the pics with the castle and all that, but in the end, because of the rain and cold I'm happy to have chosen more comfy and sporty look.
Hope you'll enjoy this post and will visit this lovely castle that surely deserves to be on your "to visit" map. Kisses

Oversized denim shirt: Mango/ Bag: Lacoste/ Pants: H&M/ Sneakers: Nike Run 5,0 

For more information visit : http://www.trakoscan.hr/


Bright summer

From the moment I laid my eyes on them, I was head over heels in love. Perfect color, perfect shape... everything about them was perfect... but the price. J when it comes to boots or a nice pair of  stilettos I usually won't think twice. But , when it comes to bright pink sneakers- I just couldn't decide.  And then, the sales. And they were there, looking at me, me looking back at them, 35% off... Yes, they just had to be mine. So, meet my new sneakers! Super comfy and super stylish... and I just love them! Hopefully, you'll like my first look with these babies. I 'll be happy to hear what you think as usual, guys! Kisses!
Jeans: Mango/ Shirt: Zara/ Glasses: H&M/ Sneakers: Nike Free 5,0


Yet another black & white look

Hello, my dear friends, I hope you're having a lovely day! :) Today I'll present you another monochromatic look. All this rain made me forget about the summer and the colors in all their glory. My next look will be far more colorful, I promise! :)
Anyway, I have to run now... As usual, I'll be happy to know what you think about this look. I wish you a lovely day! Take care! :)
Overall and Vest: H&M/ Shoes: Zara/ Necklace: eBay
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