Effortless with a touch of red

What can I say... the weather is terrible, it's raining constantly so I really cannot manage to take any pics. This was taken like minutes until it started to rain again so I apologize for the quality of the pictures but we didn't have much time to set the right camera options.
I hope you'll like this effortless look with a touch of red! :) I wish you a lovely weekend guys! Kisses and thank you so much for visiting!

Trousers, shirt, sneakers, sunglasses: HM/ Bag and blazer: Zara/ Necklace: no brand/ Watch: Casio


Life lately #1

A sweet way to start your day! :) Love a good doughnut!

"Out of nowhere flower" from the hubby! I was so happy even though I'm not a huge fan of flowers!

Something I would love to wear (everything is from Zara)...

... and something I will wear! Yay!!! My new "baby"! Isn't it beautiful?
 An early anniversary gift from my Mr.!

The cutest picture/advertisement ever for Fashy hot water bottles! It's a sheep with "sheep shaped" hot bottles! :D

One of Matea's lovely illustrations. I'm showing you this one because I will frame it and it will become one part of my anniversary surprise for my hubby. For my foreign readers, it says:
"We will not become a part of museum of broken relationships". You see, here in Croatia, we have a Museum of broken relationships - a place where people bring something that reminds them of their exes. That way, they get rid of the stuff  and it becomes a museum exhibit.

My darling angel sleeping on his daddy/ Business trip to Osijek-cathedral/ A drink with the girls/ Crazy selfie duo

Have a lovely weekend guys! Kisses 



Just when we thought that spring finally arrived... the weather changed in a second and I had to put all my coats back to action. 
I'm quite moody lately...and I'm not very inspirational when it comes to clothes so I'm leaving you with another simple outfit I wore the other day...I won't say much... only that I really adore this coat, definitely one of my favorites!
Enjoy your week ladies! Kisses

Coat: Zara/ Sneakers, Shirt and Necklace: HM/Jeans: Mango/ Bag: /www.persunmall.com/


Pajama pants

Very casual look I wore some time ago...  I forgot to publish it... :) Kisses dolls and enjoy your weekend! :)

Shirt: Mango/ Pants and Jacket: Zara/ Shoes: Pimkie


Roman Holiday

Hi guys... I'm finally back! As usual, I was all over the place... sometimes  (well, most of the time to be honest) it's very hard to coordinate work, motherhood and blogging so, as you can guess, Mr. Blog has to suffer a bit! :P
Anyway, this is something I wore this weekend to my friends birthday party. When my girls saw me, they said that my outfit reminds them of Audrey's from Roman Holiday! :) My loves... why boys never say something lovely as that!? :D
I wish you a lovely week ahead and I can't wait to see what you think about my look! Kisses

Jacket, shoes: Zara/ Shirt: HM/ Skirt: Choies/ Bag: grandmother's
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