Why does it always rain on me

Sunny days 
Where have you gone? 

I get the strangest feeling you belong 
Why does it always rain on me? 
Is it because I lied when I was seventeen? 
Why does it always rain on me? 

Can't get this Travis song out of my head every time it rains! :) It's really so depressing when you have to live with rain for almost a week. Hopefully we will see some sun any time soon...
When it comes to my look... yes, I do have those trousers in red and yes, I do like them better than these ones but when I saw them at sale for very little money I said to myself: "Why not!" I think that they will look great with summer combos... :)
Well, thank you all for visiting and I wish you a lovely week ahead! Kisses

Trousers: Mango/ Sweater: New Yorker/ Jacket: Zara/ Necklace: Terranova/ Hat: grandmother's/Boots: Planet Obuća


It should work after restart

Just for your information, I ate pancakes only two days out of four! :)
As you might have noticed, I 'm really into casual combinations lately but after whole week in suits, I just can't stand anything else!
This is my hubby's tee... he works for a multinational pharmaceutical company (in the IT sector) and their international help desk is in Croatia... his managing director (who is a woman :) made this shirts for the whole team and (of course) I instantly fell in love with it and "borrowed" it! :) Hope you like this look!?
Thank you all for visiting and your lovely comments! Kisses

Trousers, jacket: Zara/ Tee: no brand/ Necklace and hat: HM/ Sneakers: Converse


Playing casual

The other day, when I was so sick and tired of work (mostly) and life in general (don't know if you are familiar with the feeling), I said to my mum:" I really wish that I could be a kid for just one day! I just want to to think only of school and why the guy I like, doesn't like me!:)!"
Of course that I didn't get the chance to return in those carefree times... Instead I got a four day business trip to four different cities BUT... Since my hubby is working night shifts this week and I don't know when I'll be returning back to Zagreb our son can't go to kindergarten. So, I'll be staying at my parents house, so they can take care of my boy while I'm working! SO, in a way, I'll  be on my mum's care this week! :) I'll force her to make my pancakes every day! LOL
Anyway, about this look... as simple as can be. You've seen the pants and the sneakers, the sweater is from sales and this fur coat I bought maybe ten years ago... in a stage of my life when I would never wear something like a fur coat, but I bought it (you know that period of life when you like many things but you don't have a style of your own so you buy things that you can't pair with almost anything from your closet?) ... Now I'm loving it!
Well, that's about it! I'm going now! Kisses and thank you all for visiting , you are the best!

Trousers: Mango/ Sneakers: Adidas Neo/ Sweater: New Yorker/ Coat: no brand/ Bag: persunmall.com

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ICONEMESIS giveaway!

As I promised, today I have a real treat for you, my dear friends!
Since my blog is celebrating one year, in cooperation with ICONEMESIS, you have a chance to win the most beautiful and unique iPhone case by your choice.
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Flowers are very fashionable this season, so why not no have them on your phone also! Who doesn't like leo print? Rhetorical question! Everybody loves leo, of course! :)

And look at these little masterpieces! 

Next four guys are a dream of any lady out there! Aren't they the cutest ones! I just can't decide which one I like better! Little lady on the right has the same coat as I do! :)

And my absolute winner! She is so...ME! :)

What else is there to say but GOOD LUCK...  and try to pick only one! :)
I hope you like this little suprise! Until next post, thank you for visiting and kisses!



One year ago...

Yes, one year ago, in February, I finally decided (after two years of being a chicken :) to start blogging!
I love it... I sincerely do... because I was able to meet many wonderful people that really know how to make me smile with their lovely and sincere comments!
So, thank you for every nice word, for every visit, every"follow" click
I love you and you are all so great and I do hope that we will continue this lovely voyage together!

Since we are celebrating, I have a little surprise for you!

On Friday, there will be a little giveaway and you will have the chance to win... something! I will not tell you anything yet! :) But no, it's not a dress or a bag! Check out my blog on Friday night and don't forget to participate! :) Kisses and see you on Friday! 
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