Last weekend, we decided to visit a very spooky place ... Those who follow my blog and read most of the things I write know that I'm quite fascinated with old buildings such as castles and other more or less abandoned structures. My fascination has nothing to do with spooky stories and ghosts, but about me admiring history and/or people who left a part of their lives there. Still, most of the buildings that are abandoned and old are often related to some spooky stories...
Anyhow, the atmosphere was just like on the pictures and I almost froze, but we took some pictures of my super comfy outfit.
In my next post I will show you the pictures of an actual place as well as tell you something more about the place and its history... Kisses!

Jacket, Shirt and Jeans: Zara/ Sneakers: H&M


  1. kako ti dobro stoje ove traperice...odlična ležerna kombinacija, sviđa mi se jako košulja i kožna jakna...i baš si me zainteresirala sa pričom:)

    1. usput nebo na ovim fotografijama mi je nešto posebno lijepo..kako prelazi u razne boje.

  2. Ciao Ivana, anche io sono come te, luoghi del genere mi affascinano sempre molto. Queste foto sono davvero suggestive e misteriose, sei sempre bellissima in versione casual, adoro poi le tue slip ons!:) Un bacio cara :**

  3. Preslatka si! Outfit je odlican, bas je udoban i casual, nesto u cemu se i ja "krecem" na dnevnoj bazi.
    Ja sam takodjer fascinirana sa starim zgradama, tvrdjavama, palacama... Uvijek si zamisljam i u isto se vrijeme pitam tko i kako je tu zivio, koje su njihove price... Volim i citati puno o takvim mjestima, bez obzira da li su legende ili nesto sto je uistinu bilo.
    Jedva cekam sljedeci post! :*

  4. You look very nice! :)
    Cannot wait the next post then!

    visit me soon on

  5. My dear Ivana, one thing is sure: your outfit isn't any kind of spooky! It's cool, edgy and I love it from head to toe! Love also the mood on the pictures and how you are moving :) Yes, I know that you love old castles and building and I hope really that you will come soon again to Bavaria to visit our castles again - and that I can meet you <3 Kisses and a wonderful week my dear friend!


  6. This is the perfect boyfriend jean look. I love it! I'm a total chicken and don't like anything spooky.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  7. Sad me kopa koje je to mjesto. Slike ne odaju puno.
    Outfit je, kao i uvijek, na mjestu. Nesto sto bi i sama nosila, definitivno.

  8. Dear Ivana, i understand your passion for old buildings. They are very mystery and has interesting old
    I like your tomboy outfit and the mood of the pictures. Wish you are nice day

  9. i love visiting old places which have history attached and specially which have ghosts in the scene
    always love your comfy and laid back style

  10. Oh, Ivana, I love visiting old places too, mostly because I love history and old architecture, so I understand you perfectly! Also you look great, a perfect outfit for a visiting day :D :*:*


  12. Čak ti i taj spooky ambijent savršeno pristaje. Nekako je svetlo durgačije i uklapa se u tu odličnu kombinaciju. Jedva čekam nastavak priče :) <3

  13. Fab post!! You look so great


    Chione XX

  14. I love the outfit.

    I love old buildings too, I can't wait to read the post and see the photos about it.

    There's a website I get a bit obsessed in where people go and visit old abandoned places, such as old mansions, old cinemas, old hospitals etc, take photos and put them on the forum. It's here if you want to check it out: http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/

    Corinne x

  15. Outfit je divan, casual i chic, opusten i udoban! Bas za lunjanje napustenim zgradama. I sama sam totalni fan starih zgrada, bas sam nedavno s klincima usla u jednu kucu, blizu moje, divota!
    Ajde, neka ima jos nekoga tko to voli!! Jedva cekam post!
    a moja ultimativna napustena destinacija bi bio Cernobil. Ali, svi me cudno gledaju kad to kazem...

  16. casually cool style, love it!

  17. You look gorgeous doll! I quite love old places too, ones that are haunted or have spooky like backgrounds to them. I enjoy researching them and visiting them too. I hope you have a gorgeous day my dear xx

  18. Meni se baš jako sviđa atmosfera na fotkama, volim ta spooky mjesta, napuštene lokacije gdje se uvijek pitam tko je tu sve bio i kako su živjeli. Veselim se nastavku posta :))

  19. I definitely share your passion as I love visiting old and abandoned places- I usually set my imagination free and just think of various reasons why the place is now empty and abandoned! In Latvia there are several places that were left abandoned after Soviet army left Latvia's teritory ( in 1991), so it is definitely very interesting to wander in those places- so full with history!
    Anyways, I love the outfit- as you said it looks comfy, but chic at the same time!


  20. Kožna jakna i košulja pun pogodak!
    Ceo stajling je savršen :)


  21. Predivno iskombinovano! Ja bih sve ovo nosila :D Radujem se narednom postu da naucim nesto vise ;) x

  22. Your passion is very interesting! I like olds buildings which are still in use...I especially love Liberty style!
    Your casual look is perfect for a walk in the woods ... have a nice day!

  23. Wowww... Amazing pics: LOVE it!!! And you have a great blog. Let me know if you want we follow each other by GFC, bloglovin', google+, etc. I hope so: I'll be waiting for you!!!

    *Keep in touch ;)
    ABSOkisses!!! Fanny J. ABSOmarilyn

    Google+ | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bloglovin'

  24. you are so cute ! I like your style :) visit my blog i promise you will like it! :)


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