I like to wear elegant short dresses with high heels... from time to time BUT, if I had to choose only one style/type of clothes that I would need to spend my life in... well, something like this would  definitely be it! Loose clothes, loafers/oxfords, messy hair and any kind of hat... not very feminine, I know, but what can I say! I just love it! :) You're already familiar with every item that I'm wearing here... you 've seen it in some other combination so I there is no need to say much more... I'll be happy to hear your thoughts as usual! Kisses dolls!

Hat and Tee: H&M/ Trousers and Shoes: Mango/ Sweater and Jacket: Zara


  1. Amazing look, Ivana! I love the hat and the shoes, I need a pair of shoes exactly like yours :X
    Big kisses!

  2. Super je stajling, jako je lepa kožna jakna :)


  3. Anche io adoro questo tipo di stile, il mio preferito di sempre! Che bella Ivana, un look b&w perfetto e molto chic!:) Un bacio cara :*

  4. Meni je ovo predobro, super ti stoji i po mom mišljenju nikako ne umanjuje ženstvenost, čak nekako tvoja kosa i nežne crte lica dolaze još više do izražaja ;) Nije nešto što bi svako znao da iznese a kao da je stvoreno za tebe. Ma predivna! Ljubim te <3

  5. I totally agree, looks like this are what I am most comfortable in and what I wear in everyday reality the most. I love this black and white combo. Totally pinning it for inspiration.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  6. Dear Ivan, i´m more the dress typ, but in the last time i prefer pants and a look like yours. I think this is defense to my mood. I like to see you in both, you look pretty at all.
    The first picture is right out of a magazin.

  7. Apsolutno se slazem s tobom, volim haljine i sve sto je zenstveno ali kad bih bas trebala birati u cemu bih provela svaki dan, to bi bio outfit isti ili slican ovome :)
    Jako lijepo si iskombinirala ovaj crno-bijeli outfit a te cipele su taaaako savrsene da imam samo malo manje stopalo i ja bih ih kupila.

  8. Moje je razmišljanje dosta slično, a osim toga ovakve odjevne kombinacije sa dozom frajerskog i elegancije su mi neodoljive. Cipele sam već rekla da volim, a i sviđa mi se kako si sve iskombinirala. Hlače su super stoje, jaknica je san snova...sviđa mi se i taj bijeli džemper....i šešir naravno<3

    Fotografije su za svaku pohvalu, baš su divne.


  9. have to say , i like this style on you more than feminine dresse
    a few time back you did a post with blue jeans and white shirt with red lips that was my fav and now this one has taken that position
    u look fabelous, just love the jacket
    i so wish i could carry of the stlye as good as you do
    Keep in touch

  10. WOW! Odlicno si iznela ovu kombinaciju. Tako frajerski a tako zenstveno. Mozda si mogla da ubacis crveni ruz(?) :*

    1. Hvala ti Mia! :)
      Slazem se za crveni ruz ali posto sam vec tjednima pod nekom virozom i koza i usne su mi u komi pa ne volim nositi ruz kada sam sva "slinava" i s maramicom u ruci! :) Ono, da ga ne bude svuda po licu! :)

  11. This is a vry edgy look

  12. Ovo je krasno....ultra moderno, a opet nekako lezerno i comfy. Volim.

  13. Love it all! You look great in that chic tomboy outfit. I think that everyone should wear what they really want to. Again, you look fab!

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman - Instagram - Bloglovin

  14. Odlicno ti stoji ova masculin kombinacija, i monokromatski stih i sve je bas za 5! Nadam se da nikada necu morati odluciti sto da nosim za vijeke vjekova, jer se ne bih mogla odluciti nikad...

  15. Most of all love elegance and feminine gowns, but at the same time such style which you've represented in this post appeals to me a lot. I've got to say you look incredibly chic and sophisticated there, the attire is absolutely amazing.
    Have a good day, Ivana!

  16. Divan look, a shooze su fantazija!
    Kiss iz Splita!

  17. You did a great job with this look!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  18. Dear Ivana, honestly I like it that you love to wear loose clothes, not only as I like to do the same. You are not only a very feminine woman, I like it also so much when you wear such androgynous looks like you are showing here. In fact it looks like as if you have developed such looks as those looks on you are so perfect effortless, edgy and cool <3 Hope you had a wonderful week so far, my dear friend and the weather is as wonderful as here in Bavaria!

    Kisses from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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  19. Well, I find that outfit very good on you! Yes it is a bit masculine but.. it can make your beauty shine even more! You look relaxed and a real model!
    Beautiful hat and shoes as well...

  20. Such a great outfit! I love your leather jacket!

  21. Gorgeous. I like that it's relaxed without being scruffy. The shoes are marvellous :) Happy Friday doll x

  22. Wow Ivana! Aren't youfab?
    I am really lovng this outfit- the masculine side of it is flawless! It is really great and refreshing to see an outfit like this! :) And I am still pretty obsessed with those shoes!


  23. Cool!!! http://www.elationofcreation.com

  24. prelijepo!!! bravo za kombinaciju!! sto je najbolje sto si je iznjela bas kako treba!!!!

  25. What a beautiful monochrome look! Loving it :)

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk


Thank you for all your comments! They always make me smile! <3

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