Hi guys, I hope that you are doing ok ... I'm still stuck with that awfull cold but, things can always get even worse so let's not complaint.

Let's talk about something much better and definitely more cheerful such as beautiful dresses. As you all probably know, there are many online shops that offer all kind of wedding or all kinds of special occasion dresses and most of them look pretty much the same. So, when I was contacted by AVIVA DRESS to check out their offer I didn't expect much. Still, when I checked out their page, I was pretty much suprised. The dresses are just amazing!

What I love about them is that they are family owned and operated company specialized in producing weeding and special occasion dresses with more than 10 years experience with more than 100 employees. Also, their products are made of the best materials from Italy, Japan, Austria and Taiwan.

So, either you are a future bride to be in need of a wedding dress dress, a lovely young girl in need of a prom dress or any other girl in need of a lovely and fashionable formal dressevening dress or  cocktail dress, Aviva dress is the place for you.

As most of you probably know, I'm happily married for about  more than four years, but if I was to get married now, something like this would definitely be my pick.

When it comes to dresses like this, even though they look amazing (my wedding dress was quite similar), you have to keep in mind that if you choose a dress like this, you will not be able to move completely the way you usually can or jump around. So, keep that in mind if you're the type of person who likes to be on or under the table all the time (even at your own wedding ; ).

If you want to be a beautiful as well as be able to run a marathon (or maybe become a runaway bride :), you should definitely go for a dress like this one. And, forget about the high heels.

If wedding just isn't your thing I still think that you have the right to look gorgeous on your best friends/ex boyfriends wedding or maybe on your prom. These are my favorites.

Anyhow, I suggest you visit AVIVA DRESS and definitely find your dream dress.

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  1. stvarno su im divne vjenčanice....ako ikad nagovorim dragog na obnavljanje zavjeta;) znam gdje ću tražiti.

  2. Cara Ivana, hai ragione, questi abiti sono un sogno, meravigliosi! Adoro il primo e l'ottavo. Mi spiace non stia ancora bene, rimettiti presto! Un bacio!:*

  3. the dresses are just gorgeous
    Keep in touch

  4. Dear Ivana,
    you are right, the dresses are absolutly beutiful. Like for a princess. Its a pitty i will never married. ;)
    I hope you will feel better soon. Wish you a nice week.

  5. Ja ne mogu da verujem koliko smo mi povezane. Sledeći post će mi biti upravo o njima :D Ja sam se zaista oduševila a vrlo sam sumnjičava postala jer ima dosta prevaranata. Ja bih tu crvenu ;)

    1. :) Ma nevjerojatno! Da, stvarno ima divnih haljina! Crvena je kao stvorena za tebe! :)

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  7. This wedding dresses and evening gowns are absolutely breathtaking, my dearest Ivana! Thank you so much for introducing Aviva Dress <3 ... - Kisses from Vienna,



  8. My dear Ivana, so sorry that you got again a cold ... hopefully it's not too bad and you feel so far okay. Wish you will recover soon! I know that you are already married since four years and that you therefore don't need a dress but I can imagine you would be indeed the perfect bride in one of those dresses! Take care of you my dear friend <3 Kisses from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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  9. I hope you get better soon doll, take good care. These are wonderful dresses :)) xx

  10. Lovely dresses - hope you get better soon :-) New follower right here! xx


  11. Divan post, haljine su savrsene. Pratim te a nadam se da ces i ti uzvratiti pracenje. Svidja mi se jako tvoj blog! :* :)


  12. The gowns are truly amazing, you are quite right. Each of those dresses look absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing such a nice post, Ivana:)!
    Wish you a wonderful day ahead!

  13. Stunning wedding gowns! I am in love with all these designs. Choosing the wedding gown is as difficult as selecting perfect wedding venue. Isn’t it? Well, I have already found one of the most beautiful Los Angeles venues and now I will concentrate on buying prettiest vintage gown.


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