Immortal love, the second part of Supernatural post

Brestovac was the first specialized sanatorium for lung diseases in this part of Europe. Except the hospital, sanatorium included a library, cinema and outhouses such as creamery, bakery and pig farm.

Construction of the sanatorium was indicated by a doctor, writer and a publicist Milivoj Dežman. The motive for initiation of construction was his enormous love for a local beauty and actress Ljerka Šram.

Ljerka and Milivoj knew each other from the early childhood since they were born and raised at the same neighbourhood. When Milivoj was sent to a noble convict they haven't seen each other for a quite a while. As years have gone by, Ljerka grew up to be a very beautiful young women. When he saw her performing in a play he was enchanted by her beauty. He than said to one of his friends: "This one or no one."

After that encounter, they used to see each other more often, but he was too afraid to confess her his feelings. When he moved to Wienna to study medicine he wrote to her every day. At first she replied regularly, but the letters stopped when Ljerka got involved with an officer Aleksandar Isaković. In 1897. Milivoj returned to Zagreb after finishing college and at one point they finally started a relationship. They never got married and people were slandering Milivoj because Ljerka had a son with another man. He never minded and took care of Saša like he was his own son.

When Ljerka got sick of tuberculosis, Milivoj  decided to do anything that was in his power to save her so he used all of his political and economical influence to open the sanatorium. Unfortunately, only four years after the opening of Brestovac, Ljerka has died in his hands.

During the Second World War the hospital served as sanctuary for solders and place where over 200 people were killed when opposite sides collated.
Finally in 1968. the hospital was closed and left abandoned.

After that, among people, Brestovac was often called a "ghost hospital" because of the many people who have died there (both patients and not). Of course, nobody can claim a thing like that ... Still, I cannot say that is a peachy and charming place to visit. I most definitely haven't felt very pleasant there and have no urge to visit it again any time soon. On the other side, I'm happy to have made this little research about the place and a lovely love story behind it. After all, no matter how valuable or not the certain building is, in the end, only people and their lives are those who become immortal through the memories and the love they shared on this world.

Pictures of Brestovac: me :)
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Great expectations

Those of you who follow me on FB and Instagram already know the story about me leaving my USB stick at work ... because of that, I wasn't able to publish the second part of my "Supernatural" post ... I'm sorry! Still, you can expect the sequel next week!
This lovely Saturday evening you will have to satisfy with something else ... I think it's obvious, right? I'm pregnant ... again ... with a boy ... again! :) Well, I was trying to hide my baby bump for quite a while now and I think I did a very good job, but now ... well, I think it's time to let "the world" know! :) I hope you will still follow and enjoy my outfits even in this, a bit different "form"! ;) Love you all! Kisses!

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Last weekend, we decided to visit a very spooky place ... Those who follow my blog and read most of the things I write know that I'm quite fascinated with old buildings such as castles and other more or less abandoned structures. My fascination has nothing to do with spooky stories and ghosts, but about me admiring history and/or people who left a part of their lives there. Still, most of the buildings that are abandoned and old are often related to some spooky stories...
Anyhow, the atmosphere was just like on the pictures and I almost froze, but we took some pictures of my super comfy outfit.
In my next post I will show you the pictures of an actual place as well as tell you something more about the place and its history... Kisses!

Jacket, Shirt and Jeans: Zara/ Sneakers: H&M


A special guest

So, last weekend was all about family time ... Well, we always try that every weekend is about our little family being together, but unfortunately, things aren't always the way we would like them to be ... Anyhow, last weekend, we enjoyed a lovely weather so, despite mosquitoes, we had a blast! :) I was casual as I am always when I know I'll be running around with my little love...
Speaking of my little man, he was very inspired for posing (which isn't the case most of the time) so he is my special guest star at this post. I hope you will like both of our looks! :) Kisses

I was wearing: Pants and Shirt: Mango/ Sneakers: H&M/ Bracelet: brainstorm by mm




Hi guys, I hope that you are doing ok ... I'm still stuck with that awfull cold but, things can always get even worse so let's not complaint.

Let's talk about something much better and definitely more cheerful such as beautiful dresses. As you all probably know, there are many online shops that offer all kind of wedding or all kinds of special occasion dresses and most of them look pretty much the same. So, when I was contacted by AVIVA DRESS to check out their offer I didn't expect much. Still, when I checked out their page, I was pretty much suprised. The dresses are just amazing!

What I love about them is that they are family owned and operated company specialized in producing weeding and special occasion dresses with more than 10 years experience with more than 100 employees. Also, their products are made of the best materials from Italy, Japan, Austria and Taiwan.

So, either you are a future bride to be in need of a wedding dress dress, a lovely young girl in need of a prom dress or any other girl in need of a lovely and fashionable formal dressevening dress or  cocktail dress, Aviva dress is the place for you.

As most of you probably know, I'm happily married for about  more than four years, but if I was to get married now, something like this would definitely be my pick.

When it comes to dresses like this, even though they look amazing (my wedding dress was quite similar), you have to keep in mind that if you choose a dress like this, you will not be able to move completely the way you usually can or jump around. So, keep that in mind if you're the type of person who likes to be on or under the table all the time (even at your own wedding ; ).

If you want to be a beautiful as well as be able to run a marathon (or maybe become a runaway bride :), you should definitely go for a dress like this one. And, forget about the high heels.

If wedding just isn't your thing I still think that you have the right to look gorgeous on your best friends/ex boyfriends wedding or maybe on your prom. These are my favorites.

Anyhow, I suggest you visit AVIVA DRESS and definitely find your dream dress.

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I like to wear elegant short dresses with high heels... from time to time BUT, if I had to choose only one style/type of clothes that I would need to spend my life in... well, something like this would  definitely be it! Loose clothes, loafers/oxfords, messy hair and any kind of hat... not very feminine, I know, but what can I say! I just love it! :) You're already familiar with every item that I'm wearing here... you 've seen it in some other combination so I there is no need to say much more... I'll be happy to hear your thoughts as usual! Kisses dolls!

Hat and Tee: H&M/ Trousers and Shoes: Mango/ Sweater and Jacket: Zara



I bought this Mickey sweater this spring on Mango sale. I'm wearing it and loving it ever since. Mango really has the cutest sweaters. I'm still feeling quite under the weather (what is visible on the pics) because this nasty cold just won't go away. :/
Still, I wish you a lovely weekend, my dear friends! :) Kisses

Bag, Boots and Blazer: Zara/ Sweater: Mango/ Dress worn as a skirt: H&M
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