Pinkish coat with black&white

I've kept you waiting again, my dear friends! I'm so sorry for that but sometimes, the wind just won't blow in the right direction! :) I had a very busy week at work and above all I've catch a nasty cold and had to do all my everyday errands anyway. I'm still not at 100 percent but I am feeling a bit better... anyway, I will survive.
Regarding my look, I'm wearing my favourite shoes ever. I was eyeing them at Mango all winter and when the sales began I still wasn't sure because even on sale, they were still quite expensive. Since I was mentioning them to my mum (every day), she decided to surprise me for my birthday even though she hated them. Still, I just love them and love them and love them! I think I don't even have to mention reaction of my significant half. He just started laughing when he saw me wearing them. When we were about to take pictures of this combo he said: "Don't worry, we don't have to take the pictures of the shoes... the rest of the outfit is quite lovely!" Do you want to know my response? Well, I will only say that involved that first word that Ben Stiller in Meet the Fockers accidentally learned that little baby boy (his nephew) who was entrusted to him while THE Grandfather was away! :)
Enjoy your Sunday guys and I wish you a lovely week ahead! Kisses

Coat: Zara/ Shoes and Jeans: Mango/ Shirt: Caliope


Less is more

Jeans and tee: New Yorker/ Sandals: no brand



Herceg Ethno Village

I have two more posts prepared for you from my holiday and this is the first one. Not actual outfit post but a little photo diary from a trip we took on our holiday. We have visited beautiful ethno village in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Herceg Ethno Village Medjugorje is a hotel and resort complex that spreads over five acres of land with more than  50 stone objects. The complex offers accommodation facilities in 70 modern rooms, a restaurant and other different amenities such as shops, stables, museums and a beautiful Chapel. We all enjoyed our stay very much but our son was the one who just went ecstatic when he saw a horse and a donkey for the first time in his life! ;) For more information about this lovely place, feel free to visit their web site here!  

Dress: Top Shop/ Bag: Lacoste/ Sandals: Planet Obuća/ Hat: no brand



Orange dress

Hello, hello, hello! I'm alive! ;) Do you remember my last year's "after holiday" post? It was all about my homecoming blues! :) Well, I always need some time after coming back to catch up with my daily/weekly routine... so please, don't hold it against me! I also catch a cold so I really have an excuse this time!
About this outfit... as you can see, it is the one I took pictures of while still on holiday. You can see the blue sky and the sun and a lovely weather and all that... all the things that are impossible to see nowadays in Zagreb! :) It is really a simple but "a powerful" dress I'm wearing... I truly love it... the shape, the colour, the fabric... I think it's just amazing. All you need is a matching lipstick (that took me ages to find) and a little bit of gold accessories, right? So, how do you like it!?
Also, thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post. You're truly amazing guys! Thank you all so very much! Kisses

Dress, Ring: H&M/ Sandals: Zara
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