Flirty white

The ones who are following me regularly, are familiar with the fact how my dear hubby doesn't like... well, pretty much anything I wear. Ok, every now and then there is something that he likes but most of the times, the only thing I get from him are the funny comments. I have to admit that sometimes, just sometimes, he has the tendency to pretend not to love something I'm wearing or give me some silly comment only to make me a bit angry. Let me present you with some of the recent comments on my outfits. The one with the peach trousers was "Hare Krishna look"; when I got out of the room wearing silver tee he was like "look, a Christmas tree in the summer"; we all remember "the cone"etc. Well, you'll be happy to know that he called this look "a Roman Senator". I laugh out loud when he spit it out... such imagination that one has! :)
Men...  :) I'll be happy to know what do you think about this combo? When it comes to ME, MYSELF and I... well I just LOVE it! :) 
Have a lovely week ahead guys! Kisses
Dress: Zara/ Vest and Shoes: H&M




I've bought this tee when I was pregnant. I remember that was on sale and I imagined myself wearing it (while pregnant) for some "going out occasion" and being lazy as I am (for trying clothes), I bought it without trying it on... I just took the larger size and went to the cash register. When I came home and tried it on I almost died from laughter. You can only imagine how a pregnant women could look in a silver tee! I looked like a large alien! :) Since then, I put it away and forgot all about it until now. I found it the other day at the back of my wardrobe and decided to give it another shot. I was much satisfied with the result and loved the fact that was a bit oversized... I paired it with a simple white trousers and a statement necklace that I won in Tijana's  giveaway (I really love it)... So, what do you think?
Thank you all for visiting and I wish you a lovely rest of the week! Kisses

Trousers and Belt: Mango/ Tee: C&A/ Shoes: Planet Obuća/ Necklace: H&M


Mint fairy tale

I really love mint. If I had to choose my favorite color, mint would most definitely be on the list. If you then add a bit of chiffon...  I'm sold. So, today I felt like a princess (even though I woke up at 4.45 AM) and decided to wear this lovely skirt that I ordered from eBay some time ago. I decided to add a bit of black & stripes just to make the whole combo a bit more interesting.
I'll be happy to hear what you think as usual! Thank you all for visiting! Kisses! :)

Skirt: eBay/ Blazer, Shoes: HM/Tee: Zara/ Bag: Deichmann



I just realized that I'm posting every Saturday or Sunday... you must be impatient waiting for me and my post the whole week! :) ;) :) I'm feeling quite similar at the moment... waiting for tomorrow and Game of Thrones season finale! :)
When it comes to my outfit... I'm wearing a very simple summerly combo. I love wearing linen clothes over the summer because it's just a divine material for hot summer days  and long fluttery skirts/trousers. They always look elegant and if you choose high waisted item, your legs look so long and thin...
Anyway, happy to hear what you think about this combo also... enjoy your weekend and tnx for visiting! Kisses

Trousers, Shirt: Zara/ Belt: HM/ Shoes: 5th Avenue by Deichmann/ Watch: Casio/ Bag: no brand


Leo pants and white tee

It seems like summer has come to town in great style! :) It's so hot... I won't complain about it since I was desperately longing for that same sun... 
Today I present you a very simple look with my all time  favorite leo pants. I'll be happy to know what you think about it as usual!
Yesterday I went "out". I had a late dinner/drink in the city center with one of my girlfriends who is moving to another city... I'm very sad about it and  I'm going to miss her but hey, that's life. The best thing is that  Croatia is a small country so the outermost city is eight/nine  hours drive... and she's not moving that far! :)
Thank you all for visiting and I wish you a lovely Sunday! Kisses

Trousers: Zara/ Polo shirt: Lacoste/Sneakers: HM
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