Why does it always rain on me

Sunny days 
Where have you gone? 

I get the strangest feeling you belong 
Why does it always rain on me? 
Is it because I lied when I was seventeen? 
Why does it always rain on me? 

Can't get this Travis song out of my head every time it rains! :) It's really so depressing when you have to live with rain for almost a week. Hopefully we will see some sun any time soon...
When it comes to my look... yes, I do have those trousers in red and yes, I do like them better than these ones but when I saw them at sale for very little money I said to myself: "Why not!" I think that they will look great with summer combos... :)
Well, thank you all for visiting and I wish you a lovely week ahead! Kisses

Trousers: Mango/ Sweater: New Yorker/ Jacket: Zara/ Necklace: Terranova/ Hat: grandmother's/Boots: Planet Obuća


  1. Kao i uvijek odlična kombinacija. One plave karirane hlače mi se posebno sviđaju.
    Meni čak i ne pada teško kiša jer znam da kako god okreneš uskoro stiže proljeće!

  2. Ciao Ivana! Ahah, conosco quella canzone!:) Spero smetta di piovere presto allora, hai ragione è troppo deprimente quando piove tutti i giorni! Il tuo look è carinissimo, sei molto bella, adoro soprattutto la prima foto, è stupenda!:) Hai fatto bene a prendere i pants anche di questo colore, sono proprio belli! UN bacio cara e buona domenica!:*

  3. Really love this look and the trousers are really really faboulos!
    Timeless Mode

  4. Great outfit dear!!


    New post!

  5. I agree with you, such a rainy, gloomy weather fills us with sorrow and misery. Someimes it can be inspiring, though) Those lovely snapshots are simply gorgeous! You look so fresh and lively, I love that!
    Have a fabulous time!

  6. U rock the rainy day with tartan umbrella..
    Keep in touch

  7. Even if it´s rainig outside you let the sun shine. Cool tartan outfit and the umbrella make it just perfect.
    Have a nice sunday

  8. Super su mi hlače, ja ne mogu prežaliti što mi je čak i njihov najmanji broj opet bio širok u struku, tako sam ih silno htjela :(

  9. Sunce? Sto je to? Kod mene toga nema :D Joj i ja jedva cekam lijepse vrijeme i sa puno sunca.
    Odlicne hlace i jakna, bas si onako pariski chic u ovom outfitu :)

  10. Looks nice. Have a great day

  11. Very nice outfit, I love your jacket!



  12. Mnogo mi se dopada kako si uklopila pantalone i kišobran :) Kiša stvarno ume da bude nemoguća ali makar su lepši dani iza ćoška... Poslednja sličica je preslatka :*

  13. Come tu capisco mia cara, sono fortemente meteoropatica e odio la pioggia!!!!
    Questo look è bellissimo e tu sei super trendy anche in una giornata grigia e umida..... bellissimi i pants e quel cappello ti sta benissimo!!!!!
    Buon lunedi cara!

  14. Dear, love the changes on the blog and your amazing blue pants! You are fantastic!

  15. hello dear. you have very nice blog. I love it <3
    tell me what about follow each other, I always follow back so let me know (>‿♥)
    xoxo from Spain

  16. Hello dearest Ivana, so sorry that it rains since such a long time in your region! You should really move to Bavaria because we had this week again very warm and springlike days, and it has further the advantage that you would be not so far away from me <3

    How good that you bought the trousers in blue, too, Because you are for me the tartan-girl in person, it looks like as if this pattern was especially designed for you! And the necklace - which you combined with the sweater, the cool jacket and boots - is the perfect addition.

    Hope at the moment there is only the rain which doesn´t you make happy and all the other things in your life and your family are okay.

    You know - you are in my thoughts <3

    Kisses from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  17. followed too :)

    i don`t like the rain buuut I love umbrellas wit outfirs :)
    your boots looks so compfortable! and are so stylish! i love it!

    xoxo from Spain !
    have a nice weekend


  18. Odlicna kombinacija za predstojece vreme. Slatke pantalonice, a slike divne


Thank you for all your comments! They always make me smile! <3

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