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In this post, I 've told you that I've started a small cooperation with bornprettystore.com great Jewelry&Accessary online store. So, just the other day, I recived a package from them with some amzing stuff that I would like to share with you in this post. One of the reasons why I've decided to collaborate with them was because they told me that I can sincerely write whatever I want about their products and they will not tell me what and how to write it. I really appreciate that because, if you aks me, reviewing the products is all about that- writing your honest opinion about something, right?! Anyhow, let's start! Since I really have quite sufficient collection of necklaces, I decided to pick only one necklace and two watches.
First thing that caught my eye when I opened the package were the cutest little boxes that the watches came in. Aren't they adorable.

The first watch I chose is a classic yellow and silver one. I think it's a great piece for more formal combinations and because it has both golden and silver parts, it's so easy to combine with any other type of jewelry. When it comes to quality, it's very heavy what really gives you that feeling that it won't fall apart quickly. I'm really, really happy with this product!

Find it HERE

The other one I picked is the one I fell in love with at the first sight because I just loved the pattern. It has this a old fashion vibe and you just have to love the geo back. This one is a bit lighter and it doesn't give you that idea that it would last for ages but still, I think that for that price you get an amazing watch. Unfortunatelly, I have seen in many no name shops, watches that cost much more and aren't better.
The thing that really swept me off my feet is that with both watches, I got a spare battery!

Find it HERE

The last item I recived is the most beautiful deer necklace that I found so original and very unique. To be honest, most of the shops online have pretty much similar stuff but I've never seen this one so I had to make that click. The necklace is big, solid and of great quality and I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to wear something a bit different. It also, goes great with any bottle of Jägermeister! ;)

Find it HERE

All in all, I'm very happy with the products! For very little money, you get great products and if you get them as a gift, they come with that great gift boxes so you don't have to think about anything!
Don't forget that you have that 10% discount code MJT10!
What else is there to say but enjoy your shopping! Kisses


  1. I love he bornprettystore watch collection, I like the first one more..
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  3. Ma kutijice su preslatke! Satovi mi se baš sviđaju, posebno ovaj drugi :))

  4. Baš mi je lijep ovaj drugi sat, i ja bi ga nosila :)

  5. Wauuu! Ovaj drugi sat je fantastican, dok je prvi cista klasika :) Odlican izbor!


  6. Τhey are both great. I love the one with the leather strap.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  7. Sviđaju mi se oba sada, ovaj drugi je malo retro što volim, a prvi je stvarno praktičan jer kao što sama kažeš ide i sa zlatnim i srebrnim nakitom.

    Ogrlica je divna, volim velike ogrlice!

  8. Congratulation to this great cooperation. The jewellery is very nice, especially the two watches.
    Jewellerys are a great way to upgrated every outfit.

  9. Ciao Ivana! Tutti i pezzi che hai scelto sono bellissimi, in particolare la collana, adorabile! Anche la confezione è molto carina. Grazie per la review, sei stata brava e sincera. Buon weekend cara, un bacio!:**

  10. Really beautiful!
    With love
    Best Dressed Poland

  11. Complimenti x la collaborazione Ivana, sembrano davvero interessanti questi articoli!!!!!
    Baci cara!

  12. I really love these watches!:)

  13. Sve mi se mnogo dopada, stvarno si divne stvari izabrala! Satovi su prelepi a ogrlica je tako druagčija od svega... jedva čekam da vidim kako ćeš je nositi :)

  14. This post is amazing! Yes, those boxes are so adoreble :) ♥
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  15. nice items!


  16. So nice this watches!



  17. These pieces are lovely!! Love so much the second watch!!! Congrats for your collaboration!

  18. Watch looks so elegant and chic! I do like your choice) Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!


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