A certain shade of green

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post... I felt really down-hearted because of that whole situation and your comments made me feel much better so thank you guys. Just to inform you, my angel is fully recovered now and hopefully we are over with being sick for at least some time.
And now... regarding my outfit... I was never a fan of winter jackets and was more of a "coat person" if such exists :). Still, when I saw this parka jacket, it was love at first sight. I bought it at the beginning of September and nowadays (being so cold outside) I'm so happy I did. Apart from my all shades of green, I would like to intoduce you to a very dear piece of jewelry I own- my late grandmother's brooch that I hold very dear together with some other pieces she left to me.
Well, hope you like my first real winter look... I'm always happy to hear what you think! Kisses my dear friends!

Boots, parka: Zara/ Dress: Miss Selfedrige/ Cap, brooch: grandmother's


Hello, hello, hello!

I think that every month I could write a post entitled "I'm alive"! ;) Well, I am.. but this time really barely! My son got really sick and he was in a hospital... after that, he got a strong reaction to the antibiotics and a rash. Of course, I got sick also and not only that but I also got a reaction to medicine... At the same time, I'm working on a new and important project at my company so if you ask me, past two weeks were just too much... I'm sorry for neglecting your beautiful blogs... I'll try to catch up this week!
Meanwhile, I'm showing you my "rainy look" from the other day... Hope you'll like it! Kisses my friends and see you soon!

Trench, pants, shirt: Zara/ Blazer: Benetton/ Boots: no brand


Tartan break

I know I promised three looks with tartan trousers and I will keep that promise but I just needed a little break... hope you won't mind! :) This is a little something I wore last weekend... every garment is a bit oversized and you know how much I love wearing oversized things... Also, say hello to my over the knee socks that I find an amazingly fashionable addition to every outfit! :) I'm happy to hear what you think! Kisses

Dress worn as a skirt, Sweater and Necklace: HM/ Jacket: Zara/ Shoes: Bata 


Red tartan trousers - Outfit No. 2

Today I present you my second look with the red tartan trousers. This time I combined them with transparent shirt, simple oversized black blazer and high heels with this (quite similar but still different) scarf that I bought few days ago for just 1 Euro!
When my hubby saw me in this outfit, he said that the trousers weren't that bad... on the contrary, he just might start to like them! :) Still... let me tell you about my dad's reaction when I entered the house (we went for a lounch there)... he just gave me a glance and said "I didn't know that the circus was in town! Those trousers are so hideous that I wouldn't even let you enter a public transport wearing those!"
"Ah dad, tnx... I'm so happy you like them!" I replied! It was funny, because my dad trully never comments on the things I wear... :)
Anyway, have a lovely weekend my friends and yes, please tell me how do you like this look! Until the next one... Kisses!

Trousers: Mango/ Shirt: Sisley/ Blazer: Zara/ Shoes: HM/ Scarf: Mana  
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