Red tartan trousers - Outfit No. 1

When I got these pants, the first question that my hubby asked me was-how on Earth are you going to wear these? It was his question that "inspired me" to make at least three posts with these pants in a lead role. So, I'm warning you, if you don't like them, don't visit my blog for some time :)! Just kidding... I promise I won't make more than three posts!:P I'll be happy to see which one you liked the best!
So, here is the first one... and a casual one. I love how this pattern goes with mint details! Do you? Kisses
Trousers: Mango/ Sweatshirt: Dorothy Perkins/ Sneakers: Graceland/ Necklace: Accessorize



Being a woman

“Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.”  
Joseph Conrad
Meet my all time favourite skirt. Made some very, very, very long time ago when I was considered too young to wear skirts like this and when tartan was reserved only for school uniforms and Scots. I hope you are enjoying your week... thank you for visiting and all your lovely comments! Kisses
Trench: Top Shop/ Shirt, Shoes: Zara/ Belt: HM/ Skirt: hand made



Oversized sweater, lace skirt and dusty old boots

When you are too tired to breathe... Whish you all a lovely weekend! ;) Kisses

Sweater, Skirt: HM/ Boots: Zara/ Hat: No brand, stolen from my Mr.


I have my way

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.
Friedrich Nietzsche
You've probably seen it a dozen of times... denim on denim... well, this is my version of it. Spiced up with my favourite "English countryside vibe" blazer (or "grandpa blazer", as my hubby calls it :) and a lots of pearls. Hope you like it, my dear friends and I wish you a pleasant evening! Kisses
Jeans, Shoes: Zara/ Denim shirt: C und A/Blazer: HM/Pearls: Gift




We did not plan to take any pictures for blog purposes but in the end, since we had few without my little Smurf (running around), I decided to publish them! Just a casual weekend look for a play in the park and groceries shopping! Hope you're having a lovely week! Kisses

Dress: C und A/Boots, Jacket, Bag: Zara/ Bracelet: HM, no brand/Scarf: Pimkie


Just hanging there

When you run into something like this, it's always great to have your camera with you... :)
Have a lovely weekend, my dear friends! Kisses

Sweater and Jacket: Zara/ Skirt: HM/ Boots: Planet Obuća


I'm alive!

Hi guys! Here we go with excuses... First my son got sick and then (of course) I got sick (and we both still are) and there is also a little thing called work... I just cannot find time for blogging somehow :( The other problem I have... the one that I didn't mentioned to you before is that at my job, I have a very strict dress code (that I truly, madly, deeply hate) and I can wear only black, grey or navy suits and period! Even if I would like to publish more outfits, I think it's silly to dress up only for blog and for taking pictures, right?
Anyway, this is the look I wore the other day... of course, after the work, when we went for a walk and a drink! Tnx for visiting and your nice comments... they always make my day! Kisses!

Pants: Stradivarius/ Dress, Bag: Zara/ Shoes: Bata/ Necklace: HM
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