Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Some time ago (when I was still on holiday), two beautiful girls, Melita from Petite Cherie and Anita from Secret Garden nominated me for this award! Once again, tnx guys and you - my dear readers, if you like to find out something more about them, check their answers and their great blogs! :)

The rules are:
1. Thank the person that gave you this award
2. Write 7 things about yourself
3. Give this award to 7 more persons
4. Share the logo of this award  on your blog


Let's go:
1. When I was a child, I loved Smurfs. Day before my 10th birthday, my friend N. and I went for a walk. Of course, we talked about my b-day party, food and presents. Then he told me "in confidence" that he and his sister M.(who is one of my closest friends even today) got me the coolest present ever - a Smurf village. He described it in detail... big houses with small furniture, little beds, Smurfette's closet with dresses in all the colours and than the Gargamel's castle... he thought of everything! I wanted to die from happiness! :) In the end, he told me that I cannot say about this to anyone because it has to be a suprise. His sister M. would be dissapointed if she finds out that he told me about this great gift. I couldn't sleep all night and was happiest girl alive when my guests  finally arrived. My friend M. gave me a small package. I was thinking, ok... in this box are maybe only the figurines and the village is hidden somewhere... but, when I opened it, there was... na-na-na... clothes for a Barbie doll and a chocolate. You can only imagine my face (I really can't act)... and then my friend  N. started to laugh... Well, I was devastated! I just wanted to go to my room and cry. That was my first big disappointment! Yes, afterwards I wanted to kill him!
Many years later... when I was maybe 19... my friend M. and I were in some mall in Trieste and in one store we actually saw a Smurf house for sale. It was exactly the way her brother described it... and it was around 50 euros! :) We laughed all day! :)

2. One of my biggest celebrety crushes was Enrique Iglesias (I was 13 when I got his first poster)! And he still is... LOL! I just have a thing for Spanish accent ! :D
Don't you dare to make fun of me :P

3. My greatest unfulfilled dreams are to learn to sew, learn to ride a horse and to visit Ireland.

4. My favorite childhood books were Heidi (Johanna Spyri), 20.000 Leagues under the sea (Jules Verne) and White fang (Jack London). My favourite highschool books were The Idiot (Dostoyevski) and Witch of Grič ( M.J. Zagorka). My all time favorite books are Identity, The Farewell Waltz and The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Yes, I adore Kundera. I think that  no one knows human soul as he does.
5. When I met my husband six years ago I didn't liked him at all. We were working for the same company and he was one of the "popular" guys at work. Everyone liked him! I thought he was an arrogant fool and I told him that... Well, I think you know the rest... :)
6. I love German romantic movies. A Scoop of Love, Tides of Love, Soul Club, Kisses grom Greece, How to Catch a Millionaire... They are my guilty pleasure :)

7. Soon  I'll be 29 years old! :/

And that's all guys! I will not nominate anyone in particular, but if anyone would like to write something about themselves feel free to do so! Kisses :)

P.S. Thank you for all your good wishes regarding my son. His temperature is gone but he got this ugly rash so we are still detained in the house... :(



Holiday recap

If there was such a thing as holiday blues, I would most definitely suffer from it. :(
I'm always like that when we return home and I just need some time to get my usual groove back. As a cherry on the cake, my son got sick so I just couldn't find time (and will) neither to take pictures nor to write anything on the blog.
Still, today I'm leaving you with some pics taken with my mobile during our holiday. Hope you'll enjoy it and BEWARE... there are lots of them! ;) Kisses
Beach time 


Old Dalmatian house 

Neretva Fish Stew (brodetto)
My dear Nola





This skirt was an obsession of mine for a long time. I saw it online but  I wasn't able to find it in store... but then, when I almost forgot about it I found it stuffed between some shirts...the last one and in my size!I was so happy... like I found a lost treasure! ;) I think it's great for light summer combos but also perfect for spring and autumn worn with black tights and ankle boots. This is my romantic summer version of it and I wore it for my hubby's birthday party.
After we took some photos in the garden, hubby showed me an old attic of his house. I have to say it is a bit creepy but also very fascinating place with some old furniture and other old stuff. We took some photos there also... if you have a better camera and a better model (who can actually pose), it's an excellent place to do a photo shoot. :)
Anyway, tomorrow we are going back home... our holiday is over :( so I'm heading for beach to seize the last day! Kisses and wish you a pleasant Sunday!

Skirt, Shirt, Rings and Belt: HM/ Shoes: Zara/ Necklace: eBay


Black&White Round two

Blazer: Bershka/Shirt, Belt: HM/ Skirt: New Yorker/Shoes: Zara




O lijepa, o draga, o slatka slobodo,
dar u kôm sva blaga višnji nam Bog je dô,
uzroče istini od naše sve slave,
uresu jedini od ove Dubrave,
sva srebra, sva zlata, svi ljucki životi
ne mogu bit plata tvôj čistoj lipoti!
Ivan Gundulić

Skirt: HM/ Shorts: Mana/ Shoes: NY/ Bag: Furla/ Necklace, Bracelet: from Tunisia




Today I present you an outfit I wore for dinner with my Mr. Floral top and floral pants but different pattern... What do you think about this combo? Enjoy your week my dear friends!

Pants, Top: HM/ Shoes: Zara
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