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Snow White


Hot in the city

Graduation cerimony

Coffe break

A touch of Paris

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A touch of Paris

There is nothing I can say about the dress... timeless LBD with silver slit that I decided to complete with silver accessories. So, this post is all about accessories! A beautiful  Eiffel Tower bracelet that I recived few days ago from my dear friend (from Paris of course :) and another silver one with cute pendants also a gift from another dear friend for my graduation. Hope you like this look and enjoy your week! Kisses

Dress: H&M/ Belt: Accessorize/Shoes: Planet Obuća



Coffee break

Today (after a long time) I went for a coffee with my girls and I had a great time. I chose a simple black and white outfit with a touch of orange.
I wore my new necklace from eFox City that came the other day and that I find even more beautiful than on the picture.
I wish you a lovely Sunday guys! Kisses

Pants: LTB/ Shirt: H&M/ Shoes: New Yorker/ Bag: Zara/ Necklace: eFox City



Fashion crush - Louise Roe

I was complaining about the cold weather during spring and now when summer finally arrived I'm just not able to do a proper outfit post because it's soooooo hot! I'm sorry but I can't even breathe properly because of this weather. Can't wait to go on a holiday!
I'll do my best to make a new post during weekend but until then, I would like to present you another one of my "fashion crushes" beautiful journalist, tv host and  a model - Louise Roe. I love her impeccable sense of style mixed  with that British charm. Enjoy!

Isn't she lovely? :)



Graduation ceremony

As I told you in this post, recently I've finished my Master and yesterday was my graduation ceremony. Since I was in a rush all day, I didn't find time for take proper outfit pictures. Still, I took some pictures of the items I was wearing and I hope you'll like it.
You are already familiar with my dearest yellow pants and white heels but the shirt and the earrings are new on the blog. I've always been a huge fan of lace so when I saw this shirt it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, on the pictures you can't see the back...  small golden buttons are on the entire lenght... so lovely. I will (most definitely) wear it again soon so you'll see. I got these earrings from my dear  friend when we were still in high school. What I love the most about them is that deep green colour that goes so well with yellow (if you ask me).


After the ceremony, our nearest friends came for lunch and those are some presents that I received.

It was a lovely day spent surrounded by people whom I love and cherish very much.
Hope that you also had a nice weekend and thank you all for visiting and leaving your thoughts, they always make me smile. Kisses



Hot in the city

Seems like summer has finally arrived to this part of the world! Yay!!!
Today I present you  one of my favourite summer "uniforms"... simple tee and a maxi skirt. Even though I love short skirts and dresses, nowadays maxies are far more practical garments in my life because when you are running/jumping/kneeling around your kid, it's not nice that a whole park sees your bottom (it can happen, belive me). :)
Hope you like this look and thank you for all your nice comments! Kisses

Tee and Skirt: HM/ Shoes: Zara/ Belt: Pimkie/ Ring: New Yorker/ Necklace: eBay




Navy  stripes and red... another "by the book" combination that can't go wrong and definitely one of my favourites for the summer.
Pencil skirt is also one of my favourite garments because it is one of those who "shows nothing but still shows everything"... if you know what I mean. :)
Thank you for all your nice comments on my last outfit, hope you will like this one as well!Enjoy your week, my dear friends! Kisses

Skirt: Zara/Shirt: H&M/ Belt: Accessorize/ Shoes: no brand



Snow White

For a very long time I had a black hair. Since I'm very pale (as you can see), with that black hair, my friends used to call me (as a joke) - Snow White. :)
Looking at the pictures of todays outfit... with that long dress and with  the nature around me... all of that reminded  me of  Snow White. Hope you like this simple look. Happy to hear your thoughts as always. Kisses! :)

Dress: Zara/ Belt, Rings: H&M/ Necklace: eBay/ Shoes: Janet D (Deichmann)



Low budget New In

It's been a while since I wanted to buy a nice, feminine, inconspicuous necklace that gives that amazing final touch to every summer outfit. Unfortunately, I couldn't find "the right one" in any store (always too big or way too expensive for something that small) so my last chance was good old eBay. Even there I had a problem in finding the one I really liked but in the end I did it and found not one but four necklaces for just 6$. The best thing is that they all have that cute infinity sign that I always liked so much. Just adorable! So, they came yesterday and I wanted to share some pics with you. Aren't they cute?
The second thing I wanted to show you is my new Essence Stay Matt lip cream. I'm not much of a make up person and I'm really not an expert but I just love it cause it's perfect nude colour and it really gives you that matt finish. also, your lips are so silky and soft... Love it! Amazing product for less than 3 Eur! The only thing that I'm sorry about is that they don't have a wide range of colors but hey... you can't have it all! :) Enjoy your Friday guys! Kisses

Necklaces: eBay/ Lip cream: Essence Stay Matt 03 soft nude

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