Big reversal

I don't know about you, but I'm quite shy when it comes to taking outfit pictures in public. When I say "in public" I mean, places like a city center or any place where there are a bunch of people walking around. That's why  I'm always trying to take pictures somewhere... well, where there are not so many people around... places like small parks or even a wood (happy to have one near the place we live).
Yesterday was my big reversal cause we took this pictures in a very crowded park  near the city center. I was a bit anxious: "I don't know... people will stare at me... maybe if we find some small alley... "but my hubby was determined (and he was lazy to go somewhere else :P) "You can't have a fashion blog and not wanting to have your pictures taken in public! Go there and stop nagging!" So, I just had to capitulate!
Do you have the same problem? Are you a bit embarrassed to take pictures where there are many people around or it is just me? :)

Jeans, Shirt: Zara/ Blazer: Bershka/ Belts: C&A


This would be me

I don't know if you are familiar with the show "Dress my nest"? The concept is very simple... Thom Filicia,  well known interior designer, makes-over fan's main room basing his design  on their favorite outfit. When he sees their outfit, he gets  a better insight of what they like... in what they feel comfortable, what colours they like, what materials and textures they prefer etc. 
I'm writing you all this because if I was on the show, I would show Thom  something like what I'm wearing in this post. I would only wear a pair of white heels :). Yes, I think that he could "get me" with this look and do a nice job with my "nest".
Hope you like the combo and enjoy your week! Also, thank you all for your nice comments on my last post! :)

Jacket, Pants: Zara/ Shirt: H&M/ Shoes: Janet D (Deichmann)



Good to be back!

My dear, dear, dear friends... I'm finally back and I apologize for not posting for some time now but I really had a good excuse and I know you'll understand. :)
Some posts ago, I wrote that I'm doing something that has nothing to do with fashion... well, I was finishing my thesis so I could finally get my Master's Degree.
More than a year ago, when I found out I was pregnant I finished my exams and started working on my final thesis, but because of the work and pregnancy  I just never found time to do all the necessary research and I just put it aside... until now... I just had to do it! Since my theme was "Cultural politics and projects in European Union" my hubby started to joke that I have to finish it before Croatia enters the Union :). On Wednesday I had my representation and everything went great (even though I was scared to death) and I got my Master Degree in Project Management. :)
So, now you know why I wasn't posting and why I was neglecting all your beautiful blogs... but I promise to make it up to you. Big, big, big, THANK YOU to all of you who stopped by just to say hi... your messages made me smile all over and over again.
You can expect my new post tomorrow! Big, big kiss to you all!


Before the rain

Hello, my dear friends, hope you're enjoying your weekend... I really do, even thought it's raining almost all the time. Today I'm going to show you my most favourite trousers. I love and love and love them so much! Bought them at Zara some years ago and since then I still haven't found the pair that could replace them. :) They are not very figure flattering but they are so comfy and stylish... I don't know, I just feel so good every time I wear them. Do you have an item like that... the garment that feels like a second skin?


Trousers, Shirt, Belt: Zara/ Jacket, Ring: H&M/ Sneakers: Graceland




I remember those times when I was skeptical about online shopping. My biggest fear was that someone will take my credit card number... the most common fear I think. But then came our beloved PayPal and now, my only fear (if you can even call it that way) is that something I ordered won't fit. :) Believe it or not, I'm not a big fan of shopping because I don't like trying clothes very much (especially during winter when you have like hundred layers on) so buying online is a great alternative. I don't do it often but I can tell you how happy I am every time that Mr. Postman brings me the package :)
In this context, I would like to introduce you to eFoxCity.com an online fashion clothing wholesaler who supplies many boutiques around the world. On eFoxCity.com you can find the most amazing wholesale clothingwedding dresses and prom dresses. What I like about that site is that they are always adding something new to the collection... it's nice to come every week and find something new. When it comes to the prices, they are offering exceptional (low) prices considering very good quality of the items.
We all know that picture says a thousand words so I will show you my favourite pieces.
So, what else to say but - check them out :)

P.S. Honey, if you are reading this... I really, really, really love that first one! :)



Anniversary outfit

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your nice wishes concerning my marriage anniversary... you were so sweet!
The next thing is... we have a second balcony outfit! :) Yes, yes... I'm sorry but I just couldn't find time to take proper pictures of my outfit so our balcony had to do (we were really in a hurry)... hope you won't mind.
And now, about the look! Like you all know, we have a baby boy so going to dinner (like we usually do) was out of the picture so we just decided to treat ourselves with some junk food and went to McDonald's! I have to admit, I'm fan so it was one big "YAY" for me! :) My outfit was very casual, oversized white jeans, polka dot tee and my NEW jacket (an anniversary present from my Mr.) and white heels. Hope you like it! Have to run now... big kiss and thank you for visiting!
P.S. Sorry for neglecting your beautiful blogs these days but I've been very busy with something... tell you all about it very soon (unfortunately, it has nothing to do with fashion :(

Tee, Shoes, Jacket: Zara/ Pants: Bershka


Happy Anniversary my love

"Women are made to be loved, not understood."
 Oscar Wide

Thank you for loving me! :)


April outfits

Touch of yellow
Happily ever after
As simple as that
Such a nice pair
Do you have a favourite one? :)
Enjoy your weekend my dear friends!



Big fat polka dot

Yesterday our dear friends were celebrating their birthdays so we went to their house for a barbecue. We had a splendid day...
I decided to wear my polka dot dress that I like very much. The blazer that I'm wearing on the first photo was just for the shoot because it was so hot, it felt like middle of the summer... Weather is really crazy this year.
Anyway, enjoy your week my dear friends and thank you for visiting! :)

Dress, Belt, Bracelets: H&M/ Blazer: Sisley/ Sandals: Planet Obuća

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