Not my favourite colour

I don't like purple. I really don't know why but I just don't. Still, there was something about this dress that made me hang on  (I recived it as a present) despite the apparent  disapproval of purple. :)
I think it was because of a lovely shape and great (warm) material.
This is the outfit I wore on a Christmas day. After church, we went to my parents' house for a lunch.
It was a lovely day indeed! I'm happy to hear your thoughts about this, more formal look! Kisses

Coat: Mana/ Dress: Benetton/ Shirt, belt:HM/ Boots: Zara


  1. I love the coat!!

  2. Bellissimo questo ensemble Ivana... davvero molto raffinato!!!!
    Bello l'abito, bello il cappotto, ma il tocco di quei tronchetti è davvero chic!!!!!!
    Enjoy the last sunday of 2013 darling!!!!

  3. This post is full of lovely photos! I love your fresh look!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. E pa niti ja ne volim ljubičastu, osim na usnama :D I eventualno onu tamno ljubičastu na noktima. No, ova kombinacija mi se sviđa, posebno kaputić a i ove tople haljine su savršene za ovo vrijeme, moram se uskoro opskrbiti oblekom, pa imam na umu i kupnju takvih toplih/vunenih haljinica :) I moram reći da mi se sviđa make-up :D Baš ti je lijep ten i što god da imaš na usnama- sviđa mi se :*

  5. Ciao Ivana! Per me il viola ti dona, eri elegantissima! Mi piacciono molto anche il cappottino e gli stivaletti. Un bacio cara, buona domenica!:*

  6. Dear Ivans, it´s a pitty that you don´t like purple so much, because these color fits you so great.
    TZhe whole outfit is so elegant ant lovely at the same time. I see a very pretty, chic lady.

  7. As a kid I use to hate purple but now it has become one if my fav colors..
    U must wear purple more often , it suits you..
    Dress fits you se well and I love your coat
    Happy weekend
    Keep in touch,

  8. Nisam ni ja baš od ljubičaste, nekako je uvijek zaobilazim. Ali ovdje mi se jaaaako sviđa kaputić, predivan je i super ti stoji! :)

  9. savršen kaputić i jako mi se sviđa haljina

  10. I like purple, but I hate pink :D The dress looks wonderful on you and it's a very elegant purple, not the flashy one :D You look great! kisses

  11. Meni je ljubicasta jedna od najdrazih boja a tebi predivno stoji iako ju ne volis.
    Kaputic je nevjerojatan!!! Nikad ne bih pomislila da ima ovakvih divnih komada u Mane.


  12. Kaputic je predivan, a i haljina ti odlicno stoji :)

  13. Ljubičasta je jedna od meni omiljenih boja :D Ali poštujem da tebi nije hehe :) Haljina je lijepa, i sviđa mi se cijeli outfit, baš je nekako formalno božićan.

  14. predobro,sve pohvale :)

  15. Meni je purple odlican izbor! A bukle kaput mi se jako jako svidja...

  16. Even if you don't like this color you're looking great, my dear! Love the color on you - both of the dress and the coat! Hope you've enjoyed Christmas holidays and the time with your family! Wish you a wonderful New Year's Eve and all the best for 2014! - Kisses from Vienna,



  17. Nice outfit post, YOu are so chic :)
    if you want we can follow on GFC, fb or IG too.



  18. Ni ja nisam volela ljubičastu a sad je nosim stalno iz nekog razloga :) Predivno izgledaš! :)

  19. great coat!!following you now please follow me back..:*) happy new year!!:*))

  20. I love you with this colour - and this look, my dear Ivana! Purple looks great on you, and although you don´t like it, you should wear this colour indeed more often. Btw purple is - if you believe in this - the colour for the own life-task.

    I wish you only the best my dear friend, for the New Year, especially for you and your family health and happiness. That you will find more time in 2014 for yourself and for the things which make you happy. Thanks a lot for your friendship and kindness to me, I appreciate this so much and I´m really happy that we know together through this blogger world <3

    Kisses from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  21. Maybe you don't like purple, but it definitely likes you! This color matches ur skin and hair perfectly well, to my mind. Such a wonderful outfit turned out!!
    happy new year, dear Ivana! Wish you all the best!!


Thank you for all your comments! They always make me smile! <3

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