August Outfits

Already September... can't belive summer is almost over! Well, today another recap of the month. I'm always happy to hear your thoughts?! Kisses and have a lovely weekend! :)

True colors

The way you are


Cuba Libre

Jungle magic




The other day we went shopping for shoes... no, no, no... unfortunately I wasn't the one who went home with two new pairs but my son. His first ones! :) I was wearing my favourite baggy jeans and a simple white (again) oversized tee and flats. Pls, don't mind my strange face, I was very tired.
And yes, did you notice something different? The pics are taken with my new camera that was a gift from my Mr. for my birthday! Finally mine! You should see my face when I unwrapped the gift... :P Anyway, happy to hear your thoughts as always! Kisses

Tee and Jeans: Zara/ Shoes: Planet Obuća/ Bracelets: HM, gift/ Bag: Lacoste


How wonderful life is while you're in the world


Happy first  birthday, my little darling!


I'm 29 today!

This weekend we were having two parties... one for me and another one for my son whose birthday is on Wednesday... I'm still recovering and I will be with you again very soon! ;) Kisses!


Jungle magic

This was something I wore the other day when I went to my hairdresser. Wonderful Darka made me smile again :) I decided to dye my hair a little darker than I had... more like my natural tone but still lighter at the ends and I love it. What do you think? 
I wore a simple look but still a little "defferent" because of this shirt that I just adore... it has the coolest print ever!
Anyway, happy to hear your thought about this one! Kisses!

Shirt: Zara/ Trousers: Stradivarius/ Sneakers: Deichmann/



Cuba Libre

Finally back with a new outfit... another black and white... I 'm really into black and white this summer! :) As you can see, this is a high waisted skirt that would go so well with some cropped top... (as you all know) very popular at the moment. Even though I like to see them on some girls, when it comes to me, I just don't see myself wearing one (left those back in 2002 :) so I paired it with simple black oversized shirt that I decided to tie in a little node at the end just to make it look more fun. This skirt came with the belt that I didn't like so I used it as a bracelet that you can see on my hand (much better ;)!I would like to emphasize that this is a very affordable look... both skirt and a shirt were (together) around 20 euros (not on sale) and with a belt/bracelet, you have a cool outfit for very little money. ;)
Anyway, wish you a lovely Sunday and thank you in advance for all your lovely comments... I 'm always happy to hear your thoughts! Kisses

Skirt, Shirt, Bracelet (belt): HM/ Shoes: Zara

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Fashion for little ones

When I was pregnant and found out that we are going to have a son, the first "fashion related" thought that crossed my mind was - ah, with him I'll be able to achieve all those things that I couldn't with my husband (no, he'll never wear green or denver blue trousers or pinkish shirt even if it goes so well with his skin colour and  his eyes)! :)
My son will be one year old soon and he's not walking  yet but crawling around. So when I'm buying him clothes I'm always looking for them to be as comfortable as can be so he's in tracksuits most of the time. Of course, with time, I will finally be able to work my magic! :)
So, the other day I was browsing around H&M kids new collection and totally fell in love with almost every piece. What I love about their clothes is that they are made of high quality cotton, they don't change shape and colour after washing (all over and over again), they are very affordable and they really look great. So, let me show you some of my favourite pieces! :)
A heart throb
Festival look
Casually stylish
Sporty girl
Little dreamer
A style muse
The coolest chick on the block
Aren't they cute? The only thing that I really don't like is when children (especially little girls) are dressed as grown women. I just don't find any beauty in that because I think that they should look their age and be able to wear hearts and Looney Toons prints and pink and just... be children! What are your thoughts about that matter and please, which look do you prefer? Until my next post, kisses! :)
All the photos are taken from H&M Hrvatska

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We all like summer (at least most of us do) but hey... this heat is really getting unbearable! Because of the heat I'm keeping it simple as can be. This time I chose a pair of simple white shorts with a bit oversized, sleeveless, silk shirt. Just to make it a bit more special, I added a golden necklace and my all time favourite leo sandals. There is also a bit of golden detailing on the bag to keep up with the necklace.
Thank you all for visiting and your nice comments and have a lovely Sunday! Kisses :)

Silk shirt: no brand (my mum's)/ Shorts, Necklace: H&M/ Shoes: Zara/ Bag: Liu Jo


The way you are

My friend from Turin is staying with us until Friday so today we went in a city centre to do a little sightseeing. Well, at least we tried...  It was so hot that we almost melted. As you can guess, we also weren't able to do more than few photos so we took them later when we returned home.
About my outfit... I adore this skirt...one of my favorite ones for summer and when it comes to wearing white I always like to combine it with some bright colors. For this time, I chose apricot and turquoise. I'm also wearing one of my favorite necklaces made by my dear, dear friend who I'm going to present to you very soon. :)
Thank you all for your lovely comments and have a lovely week! Kisses

Skirt, Shirt, Belt: HM/ Bag: Liu Jo/ Necklace: Blood Sugar Drops Jewelry



True Colors

My darling was finally better so we went for an afternoon walk. I was also planning to take some pictures of my outfit  but when we started our "photo shoot" it just wasn't going in the right direction. I was really trying (my hubby also) but then I just snapped and started fooling around... It was very hot so I started to make funny faces and my boy started to laugh (and I love when he laughs because he laughs out loud) so I  started to fool around even more! :) In the end, I had some photos but I didn't liked them at all so I decided to "destroy" them by adding some color. And I loved the result. So no, this is not an usual outfit post but hey... it's not wrong to start your month with a bit of color! Enjoy your weekend guys! Kisses

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