Good to be back!

My dear, dear, dear friends... I'm finally back and I apologize for not posting for some time now but I really had a good excuse and I know you'll understand. :)
Some posts ago, I wrote that I'm doing something that has nothing to do with fashion... well, I was finishing my thesis so I could finally get my Master's Degree.
More than a year ago, when I found out I was pregnant I finished my exams and started working on my final thesis, but because of the work and pregnancy  I just never found time to do all the necessary research and I just put it aside... until now... I just had to do it! Since my theme was "Cultural politics and projects in European Union" my hubby started to joke that I have to finish it before Croatia enters the Union :). On Wednesday I had my representation and everything went great (even though I was scared to death) and I got my Master Degree in Project Management. :)
So, now you know why I wasn't posting and why I was neglecting all your beautiful blogs... but I promise to make it up to you. Big, big, big, THANK YOU to all of you who stopped by just to say hi... your messages made me smile all over and over again.
You can expect my new post tomorrow! Big, big kiss to you all!


  1. This is a really great reason not posting in your blog. My congratulation to you. I know it's not easy to be a young mother and study. You can be very very proud of yourself.
    It's nice to have you back here. :)
    I send you a big hug, Cla


  2. čestitam od srca! i meni se diplomski bio malo odužio, a i mene je uhvatila bila neka trema:)

    vidimo se:)

  3. Congratulations!!

    I am waiting for you!!
    Happy GREEN Monday!!
    Besos from Rome!

  4. Congrats to your master, Ivana! You can be so proud to finish your master while being a working mum! Respect!! Kisses from Vienna,



  5. Hi honey! Good to have you back!
    Join my Oasap giveaway and win an item of your choice! xoxo


  6. Hi Ivana! Congrats!!! Must be very proud of you!!! Well done! Kisses dear! xo

  7. Cestitam ti! :)

    You don't even have to apologize. Sometimes the private life has to come first, even though you truly were missed.


  8. Congrats my dear, such a great news. Well come back!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  9. Jeeeej čestitam :***
    *hugs & kisses*

    I već sam se bila zabrinula gdje si nestala, drago mi je da nam se vraćaš :D

  10. Oh wow! Congratulations!! Welcome back too, xoxo.

  11. Lynnette Watts6/27/2013 11:17:00 AM

    Congratulation on passing your Master degree, Ivana! Well, I bet you celebrated a lot after the committee finally said that you passed the presentation. Thesis writing can really be hard and tedious, so it is just fitting to celebrate and be happy that it is finally over!


Thank you for all your comments! They always make me smile! <3

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