Big reversal

I don't know about you, but I'm quite shy when it comes to taking outfit pictures in public. When I say "in public" I mean, places like a city center or any place where there are a bunch of people walking around. That's why  I'm always trying to take pictures somewhere... well, where there are not so many people around... places like small parks or even a wood (happy to have one near the place we live).
Yesterday was my big reversal cause we took this pictures in a very crowded park  near the city center. I was a bit anxious: "I don't know... people will stare at me... maybe if we find some small alley... "but my hubby was determined (and he was lazy to go somewhere else :P) "You can't have a fashion blog and not wanting to have your pictures taken in public! Go there and stop nagging!" So, I just had to capitulate!
Do you have the same problem? Are you a bit embarrassed to take pictures where there are many people around or it is just me? :)

Jeans, Shirt: Zara/ Blazer: Bershka/ Belts: C&A


  1. Hi IVana! I get you, I also feel pretty embarassed to take photos where there are many people around!:) Your look is really great, I like everything, you are so pretty!:) Kisses! xo

  2. GOD, I got the same thing. like yesterday, I went with my friend to take some pics to the place which is usually quite crowded, but there were only few people randomly passing by, but the every time I saw someone I was like "heeeey, wait a while, maybe... let's see the pics we already have and start again when this group goes away..." and my friend did the same thing as your boyfriend, lol :P
    anyway, you look great! love it!

    check out my latest post ;)
    love, B

  3. I can understand your feelings..
    but the photos are great anyway!
    love that look!

    Meital from Très Jolie fashion blog

  4. lovely casual outfit!
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  5. I'm sure i would have the same problem, but I take my pictures alway in my office or at home.
    Breaking the mould Is not always easy, but your Pictures are great. Specially the last one. You are very beautyful on these Pictures.

    Your outfit is great. I really like the blouse.
    Have a nice day, Cla


  6. I was a model, so I haven't problem to take Photos in public.... but, I can understand your feelings.
    All these pics are wonderful and you look beautiful.... I love your style!

  7. Your husband is really firm lol.He should go easy on you,tell him that from me :P
    Well,again like I've always agreed with you,I agree with you on this too.These days,we take my pictures at crowded places and I was having a real hard time posing and people staring at me.But after 2-3 shoots,I'm okay now,more relaxed.My advice would be just don't care.Because no one cares anyway,you will never see those people and even if you see them again,I'm sure they'll love your courage and self-confidence.
    Btw,I've been reading your blog everytime you post something new,since I'm your one of followers,just didn't comment lol


  8. Nice post...
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  9. Beautiful look!!! I love your jeans!!!
    Have a nice day! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  10. Sometimes I'm shy as well! but you get used to it in time:) love your shirt and jeans so much!


  11. Got definitely the same problem! I don't like it when everybody is staring at me when I take pictures outside but well... then I think to myself: "just don't give a damn."
    And I practice ice skating and I've got the same problem on the ice: I hate skating my program on a public ice where everyone can look at me the whole time! But my coach uses to tell me: "It's the greatest compliment when people are looking at you. If you wouldn't be great, they wouldn't be staring at you."

    But anyways, great pictures you shot! Love your jeans and sunnies!

    Love, Lory xxxx


  12. Dearest Ivana, your super cool outfit is absolutely my taste <3 Would like to wear it in exact this way <3

    Regarding photo sessions: for me it´s the opposite: I don´t have any problems to take photos in public, but my dear photographers (mostly my son or my lovely husband) don´t like this ;) But this is not really a problem because we live here in the absolutely loneliness and we normally don´t meet any people :)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


  13. Hello my dear

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  14. Great outfit, love your jeans!
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    xx Karolina

  15. I really like those boyfriend jeans on you! Yeah, I'm scared of taking pics in public too....but I'm slowly getting used to it. The spot you guys picked is so beautiful though, definitely worth it :)

    Sophisticated Lace

  16. Super mi je ovo, baš mi se sviđa :) :*

  17. We like your relaxing look at this photos! It's so stylish!
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  18. Wow, great pics!! :))

  19. Sviđa mi se outfit, izgledaš predivno :)
    Ajme ja se nikad nebi mogla otici slikati negdje gdje ima ljudi, haha. Totalno sam sramezljiva i mislim da bi svi gledali u mene. Super sto te uspio nagovoriti da se slikas u parku jer su fotke ispale fantasticno <3


  20. Tnx for your lovely comment, my dear fashion friend!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  21. Odlične hlače :)
    Ja sam u početku imala taj problem, bježala bi autom iz grada na plaže i mjesta gdje ne bi bilo nikoga, ali mi je onda postalo sasvim svejedno, tko hoće gledati neka gleda :))

    Meni je recimo puno teže sad otići sama s fotićem van i fotkati ljude po gradu, to mi je još strah kojeg se moram rješiti :)

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    much love..

  23. Znam o cemu govoris... :(

    Outfit je jednom recju savrsen i super sve to izgleda na tebi! :):)

  24. I love this pants! So amazing!

  25. Great photos, love your outfit! At first I had the same problem with taking pictures in crowded areas, but now I don't care if people stare, it's their problem, not mine :D You'll get used to it!


  26. I love your look! Kisses.

  27. Great look and you do not look like you're embarrassed. You look very natural. But I totally know what you mean. For me I have days when I don't want to shoot around others and then days that I just don't care.



  28. very nice!!:)


  29. amazing jeans and jacket :)


  30. meni osobno ovisi di san...ako sam u Splitu tješim se da svit misli da sam turist, a nisam primjetila da je itko ikad obratio pozornost. U Mostaru već imam neki nelagodan osjećaj da ljudi gledaju u mene.

    Fotografije su prva liga, a te traperice san snova!

  31. I meni je nekad glupo, zato i nemam slika sa ulice i slično, već nađem neko mirno mestašce. Mada, desi se i da sam super raspoložena i da me baš briga ko gleda :-D

  32. Inače se ne volim slikati, jer sam totalno antifotogenična i smrt mi je kad baš moram, a pogotovo u javnosti. Ali s druge strane, da izgledam tako dobro kao ti, slikala bih se stalno :) Odlična kombinacija, baš po mom ukusu, i da ne zaboravim - bravo za muža :)

  33. love you LOOK!! I just found your blog and it´s great! I like your sense of style and follow you now, hope you will like my blog and follow me too.

  34. i love your outfit here...
    well, i'm so shy to take photos on public also, but i get used to it now.

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  35. Love the jeans!!

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  36. Fab poses! I'm the same, I feel awkward taking pictures where there is loads of people and London is over-crowded lol, xoxo.


Thank you for all your comments! They always make me smile! <3

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