February Outfits

So, my first month is behind me... we will see what the future brings...  ;)!

1. The first one 2. By the sea

3. Uptown girl 2. Winter wonderland 3. Navy blue and black
Which is your favourite one?



Navy blue and black

Some like it some dont... but I love this color combination.
Regarding my outfit... is the simple one for a yesterdays walk with my two boys. Unfortunately, the image quality is very poor because I forgot to take pictures when there was still some sunlight.

Parka:H&M/ Skirt: Stradivarius/Shirt: Salsa/ Boots: Zara/Sunglasses: Ray Ban



Winter Wonderland

I was always a big fan of boyfriend jeans but it took me a long time to find the perfect pair. So, when I spotted these at Zara last summer, it was love at first sight. The only problem was that, at that time, I was about eight months pregnant. Still, I just couldn t walk out of the store.
You should have seen the face of salesgirl when I walked in to the dressing room holding a pair of jeans number 34. Even funnier was her face when I came out saying: "Thank you, they are fine." Of course, I was able to see only how they fit on the lower part of my body (legs) but I was in love so much that I decided to take the plunge and buy them. They were the first item I tried on after the birth. Love them. :)

Blazer, shirt: Benetton/ T-shirt, necklace: H&M/ Jeans: Zara/ Boots: New Yorker



High Street Spring Cravings



New In

I'm a big fan of leo print (aren't we all) so when I saw these beauties it was love at first sight.
Now I just have to wait for summer to come...

Unlike leo print, I'm not a fan of sneakers (Converse shoes are outside of category) but when I saw these mint ones I decided to give it a try.

Sandals: Zara/ Sneakers: Graceland



Uptown girl

This is the combo I was wearing for yesterday's lunch at my parents house.
My husband said I look a bit like vintage lady (it wasn't a compliment because he's not a fan of vintage)... However, I loved the combo and my baby boy loved the necklace (an amazing toy if you ask him).
I realy love the knitted sweater because it was a gift made by one very old lady (my neighbor). The knit realy has this oldfashion vibe that I, in some outfits, love so much.
Anyway, I hope you like it.

Jacket: Sisley/ Skirt, shirt: HM/ Necklace: Terranova/ Boots: Zara



By the sea

This is the second outfit from my "away from home" weekend. As you can see, I'm wearing the same boots and the scarf (not just) because they are (some of) my favorites but because I was packing in a hurry and I took only few items to combine.
There is nothing special about the outfit but I like how the pictures turned out. Also, I love the coast during the winter when everything is so peaceful and serene.

Dress, scarf: HM/ Boots: Zara



The first one

Firstly, welcome! I still can't belive that this is my first post...
Anyway, last weekend we went to my husband's hometown. As you can see from the pictures, the weather was amazing... much nicer than the snow that we found back home.
Regarding my outfit... when I look at the pics, it looks like I'm only missing a horse... ready for horseback riding. :)

Boots, trousers: Zara/ Belt: Pimkie/ Shirt: C und A/ Blazer, scarf: HM

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