Not my favourite colour

I don't like purple. I really don't know why but I just don't. Still, there was something about this dress that made me hang on  (I recived it as a present) despite the apparent  disapproval of purple. :)
I think it was because of a lovely shape and great (warm) material.
This is the outfit I wore on a Christmas day. After church, we went to my parents' house for a lunch.
It was a lovely day indeed! I'm happy to hear your thoughts about this, more formal look! Kisses

Coat: Mana/ Dress: Benetton/ Shirt, belt:HM/ Boots: Zara


Something red

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.
Gwyneth Paltrow
No red lipstick from me today... well, at least my dress is red! ;)
I hope you're enjoying your holidays! Kisses

Dress, scarf, belt: HM/Boots: Zara/ Cardigan: Mana kids/ Necklace: eBay


Merry Christmas!

... from the bottom of my heart! :)


Something about Christmas time

Well, something different today from me guys... Even though we made some outfit picks, I'm feeling so Christmasy (apologies for the use of non-existent words :) these days that I just had to make this post.
I decided to share with you my personal top ten favourite Christmas songs ever! So, when it comes to Christmas songs, if you're a freak like me... well, I hope you'll enjoy in my sweet selection!
Until next post, take care! Kisses!

No. 10: Mud "Lonely this Christmas"

I Know, I know... a slightly depressing but I just love this song! I wasn't always happily married and in love so this was my "weeping song" back in the days! :) It's great song, you can't deny that!

No.9: Chris Rea "Driving home for Christmas"

Well, this is a classic that we all love and adore and one of those songs I always love to hear... driving in my car on Christmas Eve... when I'm returning home from work. Great melody and that amazing voice! Love it!
No.8: Brenda Lee "Rockin' around the Christmas tree"
This is "my song" when we decorate the tree. There is no better song in the world to get you in that Christmas mood!
No.7: Train "Shake up Christmas"

Who was the first, Cola-Cola or this song I wouldn't know but what I'm sure of is that I completely fell in love with this song from the first moment I heard it! Great, great, great song!
No.6: Dean Martin "White Christmas"
Also one of the classics! Even we all dream of white Christmas, it's really  important not to forget that Christmas is not about snow and presents!
No.5: Mariah Carey "All I want for Christmas is you"

I really don't like Mariah very much but I can't help myself when it comes to this song! It's just so addictive that you have to sing it and jump around the room when she starts  screaming "youuuuuuu babeeeeeeeeee"! ;) I hate the version with Mr. Bieber!
No.4: Melanie Thorton "Wonderful Dream (Holidays are coming)

Coca-Cola really knows how to pick them, right! Another great song. I still remember how sad I was when I heard that Melanie died... still, she has left us an amazing song that I always love to hear during holidays.
No.3: Chubby Checker & Bobby Rydell " Jingle Bell Rock"
Another legend that you have to love and adore!
No.2: Band Aid "Do they Know it's Christmas time"

Great song, amazing artists and the most amazing cause! What they sing about... well, that's the true meaning of Christmas! Love, love, love the power of this song!
No.1: Wham! "Last Christmas"
Such a cliche I know! I can't help myself but there is no Christmas song in this world that I love more than this one! And I don't care what everyone else thinks! ;)
Let's go George:
Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special...



When you say nothing at all

An outfit I wore last weekend when I was still able to breathe without coughing my lungs out. Kindergarten viruses are going to kill me and I'm not joking! :) Maybe you've noticed that I cut my hair and went one shade darker. I have to say that I'm loving it very much... tnx to Darka one more time!
I wish you all a lovely Sunday my dear friends! Kisses
Nine days until Christmas! ;) Cannot belive it! ;)

Parka, jeans: Zara/ Boots: Stradivarius/ Bag, shirt: HM


Just to say "hi" and Persunmall.com

Belive it or not but we are ill again. When I say "we", I mean my angel and (of course) me. Except for high temperature, he got sore eyes and he can barely open them :( . Since I didn't take sick leave  (and this week my hubby  works an afternoon shift and can stay with our son only  until one) my dear friends Marta and Mirna jumped to help us.  So I take this opportunity to thank them  publicly! ;) Thank you guys, you're the best!
So, since I really cannot take pics for an outfit post, I 've been surfing the web and saving to my folders the things I love. PERSUNMALL.COM is the place that you all know about and the place that I always love to visit. Why? Because they have great clothes for affordable prices and you have to love that. There you can find clothes, accessories , bags and shoes for all tastes. So, if you like on line shopping, don't wait up! ;)
These are some of the items and looks that I would love to wear! Enjoy! ;)

Which look do you like the best? Kisses my friends!



A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone's feelings unintentionally.
Oscar Wilde 

Sometimes I just love wearing male cuts  and this was one of those times. :)
Also, meet my new fur coat that I got from my mum as (an early) Christmas present. I got it one size bigger because I couldn't find one in my size because it was sold out in every HM in my city. I think it doesen't look bad and too big on me. Right? :)The trousers are from one of my business suits and even though I usually don't wear anything that has to do with work in my spare time, this time I made an exception... just to create this look. What do you think? And yes, don't you just love my orange watch? I loved it so much...BUT someone got hold of it when we returned home and from then, my watch is not working anymore and "lives" in a box with other toys! :/

I also wanted to tell you that I started a small cooperation with online store Born Pretty. On the right side of my blog you can find a banner with a 10% discount code for my readers. So, if you need a nice but inexpensive present for someone dear or just a treat for yourself, go and check out their site.

Wish you a lovely rest of the week! Kisses

Coat, Sweater, Trousers and Hat: HM/ Shoes: Bata/ Necklace and Watch: no brand



A certain shade of green

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post... I felt really down-hearted because of that whole situation and your comments made me feel much better so thank you guys. Just to inform you, my angel is fully recovered now and hopefully we are over with being sick for at least some time.
And now... regarding my outfit... I was never a fan of winter jackets and was more of a "coat person" if such exists :). Still, when I saw this parka jacket, it was love at first sight. I bought it at the beginning of September and nowadays (being so cold outside) I'm so happy I did. Apart from my all shades of green, I would like to intoduce you to a very dear piece of jewelry I own- my late grandmother's brooch that I hold very dear together with some other pieces she left to me.
Well, hope you like my first real winter look... I'm always happy to hear what you think! Kisses my dear friends!

Boots, parka: Zara/ Dress: Miss Selfedrige/ Cap, brooch: grandmother's


Hello, hello, hello!

I think that every month I could write a post entitled "I'm alive"! ;) Well, I am.. but this time really barely! My son got really sick and he was in a hospital... after that, he got a strong reaction to the antibiotics and a rash. Of course, I got sick also and not only that but I also got a reaction to medicine... At the same time, I'm working on a new and important project at my company so if you ask me, past two weeks were just too much... I'm sorry for neglecting your beautiful blogs... I'll try to catch up this week!
Meanwhile, I'm showing you my "rainy look" from the other day... Hope you'll like it! Kisses my friends and see you soon!

Trench, pants, shirt: Zara/ Blazer: Benetton/ Boots: no brand


Tartan break

I know I promised three looks with tartan trousers and I will keep that promise but I just needed a little break... hope you won't mind! :) This is a little something I wore last weekend... every garment is a bit oversized and you know how much I love wearing oversized things... Also, say hello to my over the knee socks that I find an amazingly fashionable addition to every outfit! :) I'm happy to hear what you think! Kisses

Dress worn as a skirt, Sweater and Necklace: HM/ Jacket: Zara/ Shoes: Bata 


Red tartan trousers - Outfit No. 2

Today I present you my second look with the red tartan trousers. This time I combined them with transparent shirt, simple oversized black blazer and high heels with this (quite similar but still different) scarf that I bought few days ago for just 1 Euro!
When my hubby saw me in this outfit, he said that the trousers weren't that bad... on the contrary, he just might start to like them! :) Still... let me tell you about my dad's reaction when I entered the house (we went for a lounch there)... he just gave me a glance and said "I didn't know that the circus was in town! Those trousers are so hideous that I wouldn't even let you enter a public transport wearing those!"
"Ah dad, tnx... I'm so happy you like them!" I replied! It was funny, because my dad trully never comments on the things I wear... :)
Anyway, have a lovely weekend my friends and yes, please tell me how do you like this look! Until the next one... Kisses!

Trousers: Mango/ Shirt: Sisley/ Blazer: Zara/ Shoes: HM/ Scarf: Mana  


Red tartan trousers - Outfit No. 1

When I got these pants, the first question that my hubby asked me was-how on Earth are you going to wear these? It was his question that "inspired me" to make at least three posts with these pants in a lead role. So, I'm warning you, if you don't like them, don't visit my blog for some time :)! Just kidding... I promise I won't make more than three posts!:P I'll be happy to see which one you liked the best!
So, here is the first one... and a casual one. I love how this pattern goes with mint details! Do you? Kisses
Trousers: Mango/ Sweatshirt: Dorothy Perkins/ Sneakers: Graceland/ Necklace: Accessorize

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