5 foot 7 and bambi eyes


Outfit// Autumn blues

I was wearing
Bomber jacket: Mango
Shirt: H&M (HERE)
Boots (HERE) and Bandana (HERE): Zara

I love autumn. I love the colors of autumn. I love the smell of life in autumn. I love the "new beginnings". I just love life in autumn...

When it comes to my look, I decided to play with navy and patterns. I really love that bomber jacket even though I don't wear it quite often. On the other hand, you are all familiar with my love (or we shall call it "passion") for pleated skirts. Well, I was missing the navy one (;P) so when I got an offer to choose an item from THIS shop, I just had to treat myself with one. And it really was a good treat. It's an amazing piece of a great quality that I will most definitely wear a lot.

And what about that last picture? My older definitely made me so happy when he finally decided to take a pic with his old mom! ;) What can I say...I was one happy lady that day... 

It seems that autumn really is the most wonderful time of the year (just after Christmas that is)! :)




*Foto* U sitnice se najlakše zaljubiti, prva moja talijanska instant ljubav pogled je s prozora kuhinje...rana ljetna ustajanja, kavica i čekanje da sunce proviri i zagrije kroz zelenilo sa stražnje strane zgrade.

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